Microblogging with MangoApps is admittedly a change to how your business will communicate and collaborate internally. In business, sometimes you need to make a small change to realize the full potential of improved ways to get things done.

MangoApps is viral within organizations and will displace internal email within your organization. By diminishing the sheer volume of irrelevant emails your employees receive in their inboxes MangoApps will return email to the tool that it was intended to be– a tool for your employees to communicate with someone outside your organization.

Microblogging in MangoApps replaces an overwhelming percentage of your internal emails by voicing communications broadly to the entire group or organization at once. If there’s any public discussion that needs to happen about a topic, it is instantly included into a chronological queue of comments that everyone sees in real time.

Offline and private discussions can continue on a topic via wall posts, instant messages, private direct messages, SMS text messages, voice calls, and even VoIP Conference calls within MangoApps.

Everyone knows who is commenting on each feed in MangoApps because their profile picture (and a link to their entire profile), name, and time since their comment is listed in-line.

Documents of any file-type can be attached to each feed and comment so that background information is widely distributed with no need to ask for it again. And each detail about the communication thread including keywords, file names, and date ranges is permanently stored and can be searched and retrieved with the MangoApps unified search.

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