What are Wikis in MangoApps?

Wikis are formatted, collaborative web documents that are authored by one person and can be revised by many people. Wikis are as easy to use as a text editor and contain powerful document authoring tools to create attractive web documents. Wikis maintain a version history so that changes that are rejected by the by the author or an admin can be rolled back to undo the rejected change. Wikis have a hierarchical navigation structure. Pages can be a starting point for many related wikis. MangoApps wiki navigation uses the familiar left-side navigation hierarchy to jump to a specific page.

How do I create a new MangoApps wiki?

To view or create wikis associated to Teams

  1. Click on desired Team from the left Navigation Bar
  2. Choose a team from the list.
  3. Click on the “Wikis” from the secondary navigation bar to view the previously created wikis.
  4. Optionally create a new wiki by clicking the “Create a wiki” link in “Wiki Tools” on the top right.

How do my project colleagues get notified of my wiki activity?

Project Feed Notification

Within the Team, the feed will be updated when wiki activity occurs, including when wikis are created or edited. Edits to wikis appear as comments to the initial feed when the wiki was created. Users will see the activity as a feed which they can comment on, like, watch, or view the wiki page. The same feed will show on the user’s dashboard.

Email Notification

All members of the project can choose if they are notified via email of wiki activity. To change wiki email notification settings, refer the article here

How do I use the MangoApps WYSIWYG editor?

The MangoApps WYSIWYG editor provides users the same ease of use found in any word processor. The ability to control text formatting, font customization and image insertion help wiki authors create robust and attractive wiki documents.

How does the table of contents for wikis work?

When formatting text using headings and styles from the Preset Text Styles Drop-Down menu, a table of contents is automatically created for easy navigation. Clicking on any of the table of contents links immediately takes you to that section of the wiki.


 How to hide the table of contents?

The table of contents can optionally be hidden using by changing the default setting. To hide the table of contents from a wiki, got to “Wiki Tools” and select “Edit Wiki Title & Properties”


Uncheck “Show table of contents in this wiki page

How do I create Wiki hierarchies of in MangoApps?

There are two ways to create Wiki hierarchies in MangoApps: moving a Wiki so that is parent is another one and adding a sub-wiki to an existing existing wiki.

1. Moving Wiki

In your Team, when you have more than one Wiki, you can create a hierarchy by moving one wiki to be the child wiki(subwiki). To move a wiki:

Go to “Wiki Tools” and select “Move”

Once selected, Move Wiki Window opens letting you select the hierarchy where the Wiki need to be moved.

2. Adding Sub-Wiki

Open the Wiki and click “Wiki tools” to select “Add a new Sub Wiki”

Once selected, “Create a Wiki” window opens, letting you put the Title and select the hierarchy

Who can edit my wiki and how many people can edit a wiki at the same time?

Since wikis are intended to be collaborative, formatted web documents, any member of the project can edit your wiki. MangoApps wikis employ page locking so that only one person may edit a page at a time. If more than one person attempts to edit a page that is already being edited, they will receive a message similar to:


IMPORTANT: When locks are broken, there is a potential risk to the previous lock owner of losing their recent changes. Breaking locks should be a last resort. Wiki changes may always be reverted or “rolled back” to a previous version.

How do I compare two versions of the same wiki and how can I roll back changes?

If there has been edits to a wiki since it was originally posted, you can compare the versions and decide if the changes are warranted or unnecessary. Comparing versions is quick and easy in MangoApps following these steps:

Go to the wiki that you want to compare versions and click on the “Wiki Tools” button on the top right and select “View Page Revision History”

Begin comparing by choosing one version in the “Compare Versions” dropdown menu and a different version in the “vs.” drop down menu. Then click the “Compare” button.


The comparison results are color annotations that show unchanged text as normal, deleted text with gray background and strikethrough and added text with green background. If the changes are acceptable, do nothing. However, based on the changes you see, you may want to reject the changes and rollback to a previous version. After following the steps above, changes to your wiki can be rolled back. To roll back the current version to a previous version:

1. Choose the version that you want to revert to from the “Select Version” drop-down menu.

2. Click the “Revert” button. Both versions will always be available for comparison and review.

Can I save my wiki as a PDF for printing?

To save a Wiki in PDF, click the “Wiki Tools” and select “Get Wiki PDF”

Are there limits on page length or the number of wikis?

There are no limits on the length of wiki pages or limits to the number of wikis you can create in a single project. There are also no limits to the number of revisions a page can have.

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