What are Forms and Trackers?

Forms and trackers can be added to your workspaces to collect and store data. You create a Form first, this is usually how entries will populate into a tracker. Trackers are searchable databases that archive information.

How do I add or create a Form and Tracker to a Project, Group, or Department?

There are two ways to do this the first is to select Forms and Trackers from the main Navigation, the second option is to enable the Tracker module while Editing a team, then selecting it from the sub-navigation menu inside the team. Forms and Trackers can be designed with any fields that are chosen or a template Tracker can be used.

Once the Form and Tracker have been created, a Form can be added to any Page within MangoApps. The embed code can be added to the source of a Page to create a stylized data sheet where users can submit entries. Forms can be branded to match company guidelines in the Admin Portal. Users in MangoApps are able to submit information to the Forms and each entry will create a notification in the workspace for the members.


What fields are available in the Forms and Trackers?

Field choices:

  • Text –  respondents provide short answers.
  • Rich Text – respondents provide answers which can be formatted with a WYSIWYG toolbox.
  • Number – respondents provide an answer using numbers only.
  • Dropdown – respondents select one option from a list.
  • Checkbox – respondents select as many options as they’d like.
  • Radio Button – respondents select one option from among several.
  • Date – respondents use a calendar picker to enter a date.
  • Price – respondents provide a domination amount in the selected currency.
  • Section Break – if your form is lengthy and you’d like to make it easier for respondents to fill it out, you can add page breaks.
  • File Attachment – respondents attach a file to the response.
  • Look Ahead List – respondents search through a pre-populated list of users and teams to find an answer.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.44.09 AM

Each field choice has a number of options for where entries are displayed and what field it is shown.

Help tips can be added to any field to clarify the questions, mouse over the little “i”.

A short tutorial of forms and tracker options.


Examples of use cases:

  • Vacation request
  • IT help
  • Contact database
  • Company survey
  • Sales opportunities
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