The “Open In” feature can now be used with MangoApps for better file management while you’re away from your PC. Here are a few scenarios that you can use:


Use “Open In” to download files from DropBox to attach to a MangoApps compose box.

  1. Click on the “Open In” option
  2. Click on ‘MangoApps’ option
  3. This opens MangoApps compose box with the downloaded file from dropbox


Upload files in MangoApps to another application on your iOS device.

You can upload MangoApps file to other apps also. After opening the file, click on the “More” action in the file viewer.


Download files from MangoApps for Offline Viewing.

You can also download MangoApps files for offline usage. Perform a long touch on the file item. This will show an option to Download the file using “Save for offline” menu.


You can later access these saved file from the “Saved” section.


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