You can upload files an documents a few ways in MangoApps including:

  • As an attachment to a new feed or comment.
    When creating a feed or commenting on one, look for the “Attach” link to add a file as part of your communication. The privacy of the file depends on the location of the feed or comment that you’re posting. Feeds in private teams will make the document private to the same team, etc.
  • As a new file to an existing team.
    To add a file to a team, go to the project, group, or department that you would like to add a file to, go to that specific team in MangoApps, choose “Files” from the left-side menu then choose the “Upload New Files” button from the right side.
  • As a version update to an existing file.
    To update an existing file in MangoApps to a newer version, go to the “File Tools” page for that file in MangoApps, then choose  “Update new version” choice.

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