You are receiving marketing emails because you are an admin or the creator of a MangoApps domain. MangoApps sends out marketing emails from time to time to promote new features, assist with Getting Started, and make company announcments that would pertain to MangoApps customers. To stop receiving marketing emails, you can choose to cancel your MangoApps subscription or ask us to suspend your domain so that you can come back to MangoApps and still have your previous content available after your hiatus.

To cancel your domain in one of two ways:

  1. Have the creator or domain admin send us an email asking to cancel your MangoApps domain to Emails from non-admins cannot be processed because of security considerations for the information in your domain.
  2. As domain admin in a paid subscription or paid subscription trial (“Business” or “Enterprise”) choose “Billing” -> “Invoice Details” then scroll to “Need to cancel you account?” and follow the steps to cancel your account.

Please be aware that cancelling your domain will result in all content being deleted from your MangoApps account and after the deletion, there is no recovery of any of the information.

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