GitHub is an online source code hosting for Git projects with code review and issue tracking capabilities

This integration will allow you to receive updates into a MangoApps team for the following GitHub events:

  • Commits made on GitHub
  • Pull requests made on GitHub
  • New comment on a GitHub commit


This integration also allows posting from MangoApps back to GitHub:

  • Post a comment (without attachments)
  • Team admins control which team members can post a comment to GitHub

Here are the steps necessary to add the GitHub integration.

Setup instructions to follow on MangoApps side

Step 1:

In your team (project, group or department) click on Configure Integrations in the Admin Tools (“…”) menu.

Please note: You need to be the team admin to configure GitHub for your team.


Step 2:

Enable GitHub in the list of integrations.

Please note: If you don’t see GitHub, please contact your domain administrator to enable it from ‘Admin Portal > Integrations > All’ page.


Step 3:

In the GitHub settings dialog, click on Authenticate with GitHub to login into the GitHub account and authorise MangoApps on GitHub. Then Select 1 or more of the GitHub projects from which the events will be posted into this team. You will be required to select a minimum of 1 GitHub project from the dropdown. Optionally enter the names of team members who can post a comment back from MangoApps to GitHub. If you don’t want to have any member post back to GitHub, you can leave this blank. Click the Save Settings  button when you are done.




Setup instructions to follow on GitHub side

Since MangoApps automatically does the webhook configuration once you have authenticated and connected the MangoApps account to GitHub, there is no setup required on GitHub side for this integration to work. It’s that easy!

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