Must read posts are great when you wish to convey to your co-workers that this is a must read post. Must read posts get a special icon on the post title. There are two types of Must read’s you can configure for posts;

  1. Standard – Message content is visible to be read. No Acknowledgement report will be available.
  2. Acknowledgement required post- Recipient will be required to click before they can view the message content. An acknowledgement report is available.

Must Read

There are multiple ways to make a post as a must read;

1. Must Read via Universal compose box

  1. Click on the universal”Compose” button from the top center of the screen then click “Write a Post
  2. Fill-in the title and content then click the “More details” link
  3. On the right under the settings widget, check the box “Make it must read” and choose the type of must read you wish to make it.

2. Must Reads via New Post

  1. Navigate to Team (Groups, Project or Departments) or Intranet
  2. Click on Posts from the secondary navigation in case of teams. For Intranet, click on Tools
  3. Click on “Create a Post” from the Post tools
  4. Draft your post and mark it as a must read from the settings widget on the right.

3. Earlier published post as an announcement

You can mark any posts as a must read even after they are published by navigating to the respective post then clicking on the three button besides post tools.

Must Read

Please note you need to be the network admin, team admin or a creator of the post to mark a post as must read.

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