There are multiple ways to make a team post as an announcement.

1. Announcement via Compose Box.

  1. Select the Universal compose box
  2. Click on Write a Post from the drop-down.
  3. The Post dialog box will open and you can quickly create a post here for a team and everyone (company admins) or all my followers (network users).
  4. Once you have created a title and content select Advanced settings to mark it as an Announcement or Must read. Additional options can be found if you switch to full page.

2. Announcements via New Post

  1. Navigate to a Team (Group, Project, or Department)
  2. Click on Posts from the secondary navigation.
  3. Click on “New Post” On the top right.

Create your post with the Wysiwyg editor and mark it as an announcement from the settings widget on the right. You can also set an expiry date for the post marked as an announcement and Mark it as a must read and require Acknowledgement.

3. Earlier published post as an announcement

You can mark any team posts as announcement even after they are published by navigating to the respective post then clicking on the three button beside the post tools with the three dots.

Please note you need to be the network admin, team admin or a creator of the post to mark a post as an announcement.


4. Create Announcement from the Mobile App

With the App open, tap on compose, select the following.
1. Write a post from the drop-up menu.
2. To Everyone, enter title and content
3. Tap the Gear next to the title, and tap on Mark is as a must read or announcement.
4. Set auto expire if needed and complete the post.

See this Video showing the above actions.

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