There are a few feedback and sharing options for mobile apps including:

Send Feedback

For Android and iOS mobile applications, choose “Settings” from the main menu then click on “Send Feedback” ( “Share / Feedback” on Android ). The email will automatically put some information about your device such as our OS version, Device Type and MangoApps version. You can add additional feedback and please do. We love hearing from our customers.




Tell a Friend

The easiest way to let friends know that you’re using MangoApps on your mobile device is to “Tell a Friend” from the settings menu. Clicking “Tell a Friend” will open an email composition window with a prefilled message about MangoApps. Freely make changes to the message and send it to as many recipients as needed to get your team using MangoApps like pros.

Rate Application

We would love to know what you think of our product. You can write MangoApps reviews on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Below screenshot shows how you can write reviews about MangoApps.



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