Delete I.M Chat History.

You can edit your side of any 1-to-1 chat you have participated in. If you are the group or project admin you can edit the chat record for all participants. Here’s how you do it.

You need to view the chat history.

This can be done one of three ways:

  • To perform a full search for the message.
  • One on One Chats visible from profile submenu.
  • Visit the team’s chat history module.
  • Use the I.M Chat bar options.

1. You can search for chats from the top level search bar. Narrow the filter with advanced options to “I.M. Chats”, and select a time or colleague filter at the bottom (or both).

2. One on one Chats can be found by viewing your profile and selecting “My Private Chats” from the submenu navigation. Next select the User you wish to review your private chats from.


3. Team Chat: you can manually navigate to the Chat history. Team Chat can be reviewed in the Chat history module, which needs to be enabled and you will find it on the left-hand sub-navigation menu under “Chat History”, you may need to select “More” to view all Modules.
Here You can mouse over a message and select Delete, or Delete All Messages. Use the search option in chat history to help find any message on this team.


4. I.M Chat bar is the easiest way. Select the one on one or team chat from the bar and with the chat open select the 3 dot option near the top and select “View chat history”.

This video is a quick tutorial of The IM Bar.


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