To create a project template in MangoApps:

  1. Choose the “Projects” in the left navigation bar. The click the arrow pointing downwards next to “Create Project” and select “Create Project Templates” created project template list.
  2. Begin filling in the general information for the template and select Create. This can include:
    • Template name (Required)
    • Short Description
    • Photo
    • Categories/Offices
    • New Project Permissions
    • Time Zone
    • Tags

  3. Then, You can Customize the template with Default Modules. You may Choose from any of the available modules to be included in your template by default.
  4. Moving back to the wall, You can set up your template content by Sharing. This content you share in the template will be added to the new projects created with this template. This could include:
    • Status messages
    • Asking Questions
    • Creating polls
    • Creating Tasks
    • Creating Milestones (with tasks)
    • Uploading Documents
    • Sharing Links
    • Building Wikis or Posts
    • Adding Events


  5. Changes are saved automatically, when you create your next project, just select the template you created and enjoy!
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