Administrators can configure the task labels to match your requirements from the Admin Portal under “Modules” -> “Tasks” as in this screenshot:



  • Tasks can be labelled as incidents, tickets, etc.
  • Milestones can be labelled as releases, phases, launch, etc.
  • Current Tasks by default are labelled as “Working” but you can change this title to in progress, in the works, etc.
  • Backlog tasks by default are labelled as “Pending” but you can change this to on hold, defer, etc.
  • Icebox are queued tasks that can also be labelled as Pipeline, backlog, etc.
  • My Work view is the list of all your Tasks which can also be labelled as all assignments, all my incidents, etc.

Please make sure you enter the plural values wherever stated.

Default Task type labels

Administrator’s can also relabel the default Task Type, task types are generally used to split up tasks into different types which can be assigned and tracked separately. Different organizations use Tasks to track different kinds of issues. Depending on your requirement, Task types can represent a software bug, a project task, a helpdesk ticket, a leave request form, etc.

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