The Primary Feed will display information that’s more pressing or important to you. The Secondary Feed will showcase less important information. Both can be personalized to suit your preferences.

To filter the feeds that show on your Primary and Secondary tabs for your inbox, you can follow these steps:

  • Access your Inbox Settings by clicking on the grey text bubble graphic in the upper right corner of your Inbox Activity Stream.
    Inbox Settings
  • This should pull up your Inbox Settings. Here you can configure the type of information that appears in your Primary and Secondary Activity Streams by selecting the Configure Your News Feed Filter option.
    Inbox Settings_1
  • Once here, you can drag and drop 10 different boxes in between your Primary and Secondary News Feeds. Where you move the box is where that type of information will appear. After your boxes are where you want them, hit the Save button to save your settings.
    Inbox Configuration

NOTE:  As a network administrator you can configure the default news feed filters for all your users. Drag & drop a particular news feed type from primary to secondary or vice versa to setup where your users see news feeds of that type. Users can override this preference to align as per their usage.

Tab Configuration

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