You can use a HTML 5 enabled browser** to Drag & Drop multiple files for upload to MangoApps by:

  1. Create folders in MangoApps in “My Project Files” or “All Files” that you will choose later when you are uploading files.
  2. Click on the “Files” module from the left navigation bar.
  3. Click “Upload New Files” from the top right corner.
  4. From your computer, select the multiple files that you want to add to MangoApps. Do not select any folders.
  5. With the files on your computer selected, drag & drop them into the area specified in the MangoApps window.
  6. Change the “In Folder:” dropdown to the folder that you previously created in MangoApps for these new files that you’re uploading.
  7. Optionally choose to add searchable tags to the documents to the right of the “Upload New Files” dialog.
  8. Optionally choose to change the “File visibility options” at the bottom of the “Upload New Files” dialog.
    NOTE: Project and Group files have only one visibility option and will be visible to all team members. Team documents inherit the privacy settings of the team (i.e. “Public”, “Private”, or “Secret”).
  9. Optionally uncheck the box that toggles notifications to team members.
  10. Optionally add a message to the team at the bottom of the “Upload New Files” dialog.
    NOTE: Only Project and Group files will show an area to add a message.
  11. Click “Done” to finish adding your documents to the MangoApps Document Cloud in the folder you specified.
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