In a scenario when you like to invite users e.g. contractors, students, temporary staff, factory workers, etc who do not have a valid email address yet want them to access MangoApps as Network users, you can set them up from the admin portal. Here are the steps to setup the same;

As a network admin enable the “Invite Settings” in the admin portal.

  • Go to Admin Portal
  • Choose “Domain” from the left navigation
  • Scroll down to “Invite  Settings” under “General Settings”
  • Place a check next to “Invite Users without an email ID”


Once the setting is enabled, Network admin can go to Users > Invite Users > Import Users Tab


There is a link to download a sample CSV file format. The network admin can fill in the details as required and import the users.


Note : If the network admin choose to import the users without a valid email address, certain features that are dependent on email would not work for them. Some of them include;

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