Using templates for your posts has the benefit of maintaining post consistency and improving reusability.
Having a ready-made post template that you prefer and trust can help streamline the entire process of creation of blog posts by users and saving their time.

Below are few benefits of using post templates in MangoApps:

  1. Templates increase speed
  2.  Reduction in errors
  3. Consistency and conciseness
  4. Improvement in corporate communication
  5. Reusability

Below is a list of active pre-shipped post templates from MangoApps :

  • Action Plan: Use this template to communicate an action plan to everyone in the company or a specific team
  • Weekly or Monthly Summary: Use this template to communicate status, progress towards goals, metrics and overall summary on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • How To Article: Use this template to share a step-by-step guide to completing a task. You can optionally embed videos and images in the post.
  • Newsletter: Use this template to periodically share information and news in your organization or a specific team.
  • New Employee: Use this template to make an announcement about a new employee who has joined your company or team.

Apart from the above templates, additional templates are deactivated by default. However, the network admin can enable these templates from the admin portal

  • Employee Feedback: Use this template to inform employees of the survey that is being conducted to gather their feedback.
  • Contest: Use this template to inform employees about the contest you are running in your company or team.
  • Webinar: Use this template to communicate in advance the details about an upcoming webinar.
  • Employee Promotion: Use this template to announce an employee promotion. You can include details about their new role, a congratulatory message, etc.,

The network admin can also create company-specific templates from scratch in the admin portal.

Once a custom company specific template is created, the same can be re-used by the users from the User Portal.

Below are the steps to create a custom post template in MangoApps.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Portal > Templates.
  2. Click on Create from Scratch
  3. Add the Title, Description, Content, and Featured Image of the Post Template
  4. Users can use the preview capability to see which template best fits your use-case prior to using it.
  5. Click on Publish Post Template to create the Template
  6. The Template can be used by the network user to create a new post based on the newly created template 
  7. If the network admin feels that there exists a post content that can be created as a post template as well that can be re-used by network users. 
  8. The network admin can also deactivate/ disable the post templates from the admin portal so that the template doesn’t appear to the user while creating a post using the template. Deactivating the post template will remove this post template as a template option. Users won’t be able to access the template. All older posts created with the template would not be affected. You can later activate the template. 
    1. Also, an existing post template can be cloned further to reuse with a different post title and description. All the content along with the featured image will be cloned. In the newly cloned post template, you will be able to make additional edits before publishing it.

    Below is a short video to illustrate the Post Template creation process

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