MangoApps users may need to upload files to a MangoApps folder via email. This is to ensure that all the work related files are on the MangoApps application and can be forwarded using your email client.

Files module has a setting to allow users to upload files to a folder using its email address. By default, this setting is ON/enabled.

Admin: Steps to configure files upload through emails

1. Go to the Admin portal

2. Navigate to Admin > Modules > Files

3. Click on Settings > Manage File Settings

4. Enable ‘Allow file uploads via Email’.

5. With the setting enabled “User with Owner and Editor permission on the folder would be allowed to upload the file via email”

6. A new version of the file will be uploaded if a file with the same name exists in the folder

Note: Audit log would track any changes made to this setting

After the file upload via email setting is enabled from the admin portal, users can upload files to the folders using the following steps:

User: Steps to upload files to MangoApps folder through email:

1. Navigate to the folder where you wish to upload files through email

2. Fetch the email address of the folder by clicking on ‘Three dots > Upload Email Address’

3. Use your email client to the send the file attachments to the system generated email address of the folder

4. The user can also ‘Regenerate Email Address’ which will generate a new email address for the folder and invalidate the current email address.

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