Admins are able to export users that are using MangoApps then utilize the information for your organization’s needs.
MangoApps allows admins to export users (based on the type of users) and share the list in an XLS or CSV format with others.

Below are the steps to export user and their profiles from the admin portal:

1. Login to MangoApps.

2. Under the Admin portal, navigate to Users > Manage Users

3. Click on User Tools > Export Users

4. Select the Type of users you wish to exports. Users & their profile data can now be exported with the following filter values:

  • Export Selected Users
  • Export All Network Users
  • Export All Guest Users
  • Export All Team Admins
  • Export All Not-Logged In Users
  • Export All Suspended/Deactivated Users
  • Export All Users

5. Admin can also select the format of the document that they wish to export such as CSV and XLS.

The admin will be notified via a system notification that the system export for the users is complete. (The export activity takes sometime based on the number of users in the domain)

6. Admin can find the completed export under the Home > Account Info section in the admin portal.

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