MangoApps allows the blog/post creator to schedule a post on a particular date and time. This is typically used when the intranet admin wishes to schedule a post on dates he might not be available.
It also takes the burden off of the intranet admin, as all he needs to do is schedule the post and doesn’t have to remember about publishing the post on a date.

Post creator can set a future date/time when the user wants the post to be published. Both the date and time field can be set while publishing the post.

Once the post schedule lands at the specified time, theĀ post is created, the creator then gets the message of the post being posted successfully.

Below are the steps to scheduleĀ posts in MangoApps:

1. Click on the Global Compose > Post

2. Select the team or Everyone community to create the Post

3. Add the Title, Content, and Media to the post. (You can also select a template to create a post)

4. Under Advanced Setting, check ‘Schedule this Post’ and select a Date and TIme when you wish to schedule the post to get published automatically.

The scheduled post list can be viewed by the post creator by clicking on Tools > View Scheduled Post.

All the scheduled posts can then be:
a. Discarded: Removes the scheduled posts
b. Edited: Edits the content of the schedule posts
c. Published: Publishes the scheduled post whenever the post creator wants to publish

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