This article covers how to turn on or off the IFRAME object in your browser and how MangoApps behaves when the IFRAME object is turned off.

How does MangoApps use the IFRAME object?

MangoApps allows bookmarking of your web apps as links or iframe in Bookmarks app which can be configured from the admin portal -> Apps -> Bookmark Apps. They offer a good way to get external sites visible from within the MangoApps sphere. Administrators create iframe.Bookmark Apps

How do I turn on or off the IFRAME object in my Browser?

Turning on the IFRAME object may allow malicious websites to run harmful scripts on your computer.


  1. In the Internet Explorer browser, choose “Tools” -> “Internet Options”
  2. Choose the “Security” tab and verify that the “Internet” zone is selected.
  3. Choose the “Custom Level” button and scroll down to find “”.
  4. Make a setting and choose the “OK” button on both windows.**

**Available settings are Disable and Enable as well as Prompt.


    1. In the Firefox browser, type about:config in the address box and hit the key to display a list of settings.
    2. Search for frame to narrow the list to what we need to set.
    3. From the results, RIGHT-CLICK on the browser.frames.enabled line item and choose the “Toggle” menu choice.**

**A setting of true enables the IFRAME object in Firefox, false disables the IFRAME object.

How will UI elements appear in MangoApps when the IFRAME object is turned off?

When the IFRAME object is turned off in your browser, the custom app will just not show anything from that app that is within an iframe.


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