The Top management or Leadership team (CXOs, VP – Sales, Head – Sales etc) can have access to view all the opportunities at one place even if they do not belong to an opportunity.

Access to all the opportunities can be given to users in MangoApps to allow them to view opportunities in the pipeline for the organization.

The access can be given to users from Admin portal.

Steps to provide access to users to view all active opportunities in MangoApps:

1. Navigate to Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to ‘Modules > CRM > ‘Opportunities Access’
3. Click on ‘Add Users’


4. You can select the users from the field to whom you would like to grant access to view opportunities.

6. The users to whom the access is granted will be able to view their own opportunity and even opportunities created by other users.
7. The user will have ‘View Only’ access to opportunities that user is not part of. However, users will be able to edit their own opportunities.

Below is the video that illustrates the process mentioned above:

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