If you have a list of opportunities that you would like to import to MangoApps at a go; then this can be achieved using CSV import of opportunities from the admin portal.

Steps to import list of opportunities to MangoApps using CSV import:

1. Navigate to the admin portal.

2. Navigate to ‘Modules > CRM’
3. Click on the ‘Three dots’
4. Click on ‘Import Opportunities’

5. The pop-window will allow you to import the CSV from your system

6. Download the sample CSV and fill in the fields in the CSV file. Here is the <link> to a Sample CSV file.
7. Select from the import option:

  • a. This option would skip updating existing opportunities. It will only add the new opportunities found in the uploaded CSV
  • b. This option would update the properties of the opportunities already in the database with new values from the uploaded CSV. Additionally it will create a new opportunities in DB that are found in the uploaded CSV.

8. After successful import; you can view the imported opportunities list from ‘Admin Portal’ or ‘User Portal’

1. While filling the CSV file, ensure that the value of columns – ‘Stages’, ‘Types’, ‘Lead Sources’ are same as the configured values of respective fields in Admin portal.
2. ‘Opportunity Title’ and ‘Stages’ are ‘mandatory’ fields while performing the import. Rest of the columns are ‘optional’.
3. After successful import, the user will receive an email.

Below is a self help video that illustrates the above setup process

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