You can change your networks “default group” to one of your other groups by following the steps below.  A default group is the group in your domain that all network users join automatically.  To change your default group:

  1. Log into your MangoApps network as an administrator using the Web client.
  2. Go to Admin Portal and choose the “Modules” from left navigation bar and then select  “Groups” from the secondary navigation.

  3. (optional) You can choose to remove previously existing default group such as
    “All of us” using the drop-down menu as in this screenshot:
  4. After creating a new group or just choose one of your existing groups, use the
    drop-down menu to make the group a default group as in this screenshot:

All of your existing network users as well as any network users joining in the future will be automatically added to the new default group.


  • Default groups are always public groups.
  • Private & Secret groups can not be set as default group.


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