Many a time a company admin or post creator needs to create content with the company alias account but does not want to login or share credentials, or a situation where an admin or content creator is not able to create a post or update due to unavoidable circumstances, in such scenario an assistance can be assigned to the executives.

Assistants can share an update and create a post on behalf of the executive to executive’s followers, teams common to between assistant and executive along with public teams and at intranet level if both are intranet admins. Meaning the assistant needs the same permissions as the person their assisting.

Steps for Setting up Assistant  in the admin portal

1. Navigate to the Admin portal.

2. The Assistant to a user can be created by the network admin under Domain > Assistants

3. Enable “Allow specific users to have assistants”

4. Click on Add Assistants to add an assistant to a user


Steps for an Assistant to create update or post on behalf of an Executive

1. When an assistant clicks on Compose, then the drop down has 2 new options – Update As Assistant and Post As Assistant
These new options appear for users who have been added as assistants only


2. Updates & posts made by the assistant using these new options get shared with the executive as the author for them

3. The assistant will get to see the teams that they and the executive have in common to share an update/post in them

4. Both the Assistant or the executive can also make edits to the update or post after it’s posted

5. Assistant or the executive can delete the update/post shared by the assistant on behalf of the executive

6. Assistant can schedule the post created on behalf of the executive to be posted at a future date. Prior to the post before shared on the scheduled date, MangoApps will check to ensure that the assistant is still an active user with permission to post on behalf of the executive

Refer link on “How Can Intranet Admin Schedule a Company or Team Post?

Any action done by an assistant on behalf of the executive is recorded in the assistant’s log.

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