When a user’s name changes because of marriage, divorce, or legal name change, it sometimes becomes necessary to change that user’s email address. This article helps MangoApps administrators change user’s email address without creating a new user or losing any content that has been contributed. Follow the steps below to change a users email address for:

Domains with LDAP Authentication

In the special case where your domain has integrated LDAP / AD for user authentication (Skip this section of not using LDAP):

  1. In Active Directory, change the EMAILID.  It’s important to leave the SAMACCOUNTNAME and CN (common name/full name) of the user unchanged in this step.
  2. In MangoApps do a manual sync with AD.  (This step will change the EMAILID of that person).
  3. Again in Active Directory change the SAMACCOUNTNAME and the CN (common name/full name) of the person.
  4. In MangoApps do a manual sync with AD.

Changing an AD user’s email address in this way will ensure the expected result in MangoApps of retaining the user’s contributed content without requiring MangoApps support to update it manually.

Domains using MangoApps Default Authentication

To update a user’s email address from the Admin Portal:

  1. Choose the “Users” -> “Manage Users” from the left navigation
  2. From the user list find the user that will requires the email address change and check the box next to their name then click “User Tools” to  choose “Change email”.
  3. Fill in the email box.
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