If you are looking to design a company page or dashboard to include all the important links that users may use at your workplace, you can do this by adding a quick link widget and associating respective links to the widget.


Below are the steps to create and configure a quicklink widget in MangoApps:

  1. Select/Create the dynamic page or dashboard where you wish to add the quicklink widget.
  2. Edit the page and click on ‘Pick from Widget Gallery’
  3. Select the ‘Quick link’ widget from the list. The widget provides admin with an ability to add a simple link list or a link list with images and icons
  4. Admin can select from a list of quick link templates
  5. An icon can be selected from a list of 1000+ out-of-the-box ions available under Media Gallery while associating links to these
    Admin can also upload their own icons to the quick link widget
  6. Under Display Setting, the Size, Icon Color and Background Color of the Icon can be configured for System provided icons. If the user uploads their won image icon, then only the size of the icon can be configured
  7. Links can be added to the uploaded icons based on:
    • Simple URL – Add a simple web URL so that clicking on the link redirects the user to that link
    • Condition Based URL -Conditions based on a user profile field value is used to decide whether to show the link or not. If the conditions added evaluates to true then the link is shown otherwise the link is not shown. You can add up to 10 conditions at this time for a link.
      The condition rules can be configured based on the user’s profile value such as – Organization, Office Location, Project, Group, Department and Custom profile fields.Condition-based values have to be an exact match (case-insensitive) for the link to show. The user can add “%” in the value and it would automatically do a “like based match”Quick links are responsive, so they auto-adjust when some links are hidden when the condition evaluates to false

    • Media URL – Add MangoApps media URL or external media links
    • E-Mail – Add E-Mail addresses clicking on which the native email client opens to send an email. This is typically useful in configuring a support email address on the page or dashboard.
  8. Click OK after adding a quicklink widget with the desired quick-link properties
  9. Save and Publish the page so that the user can use the quicklinks added to the widget and navigate to different portals.

Note: In the design mode, admin can drag & drop links to re-order the quick links to customize the widget appearance.



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