Posts shared in one team often need to be shared in another team; In MangoApps post created in one team can be CC’ed to multiple teams by the post author.

This will allow members from both the primary team and CC’ed teams view and engage over the post content.

Below are the steps on how a user can share a post with multiple teams:

1. Click on the Global Compose

2. Select the team where you wish to create the post

3. If you wish to share the same post with multiple teams, then click on the CC link and add the additional teams

4. The post will then be visible under all the teams (including CC’ed teams) and respective team member can view the post content.

Below are some key properties of posts shared with multiple teams:

  • CC’ing a post to an additional team is similar to doing an @mention of the team
  • CC’ing  a post to an additional team would generate a notification for all the CC’ed team members
  • Reactions & comments shared on the CC’ed post are visible to everyone who can view the post
  • Post author can edit the post and change the CC’ed list of teams. Members of the newly CC’ed teams would get a notification
  • Any files attached to the post would be accessible to the CC’ed team members
  • Team announcements & must-read posts can also be CC’ed into multiple teams
  • Any team that the team admin has dis-allowed from being @mentioned won’t appear in the CC list
  • Secret/Unlisted teams can’t be CC’ed to a post
  • Feed will be generated for you only for the primary team where you have created the post.
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