What is Home?
The MangoApps Home is a collection of widgets, data, and modules. It may act as a home page for users who want to see a collective view of what’s happening in their domain.

How do I enable Home?
The MangoApps Home is enabled by default. The network admin has the ability to add or remove it from the domain. The admin can make the changes under the admin portal from Domain -> Home.


The system will automatically select by default 11 widgets for the domain. The admin can change the widgets’ position or add/remove widgets from the widget gallery for the new users in the domain.



Can I change the label from”Home” to some other word?
Yes, in the admin portal, select the Domain tab. Then click the Home Page option. You will now see a Home Label option. Replace the word Home to whatever you like.

Who can configure Home?
As an admin you now have additional control over the home of users. Set the home for your users to be:

  • Fully Customizable: This setting gives users the most flexibility. It allows all users to change their home layout, add new widgets, remove existing widgets, resize widgets, duplicate widgets, drag & drop widgets and edit widget titles. This is the default settings for your domain.
  • Semi- Customizable: This setting gives users moderate flexibility. It allows all users to change their home layout, resize widgets, duplicate widgets, drag & drop widgets and edit widget titles. Users can’t add any new widgets or remove existing widgets with this setting.
  • Locked: This setting gives users no flexibility. Users can’t make any changes to the home. Only admins can set and make changes to the home.

Additionally the admins can mark some widgets as sticky. Sticky widgets are widgets that can’t be removed by users from their home irrespective of the home settings.

How do I make Home my landing page?
The network admin can set the landing page to Home from the Domain -> Landing Page. The network admin can set it as the landing page for all existing users and new users or only for new users.


The network user can set it as a landing page under “Change my settings” -> “Landing Page”.


Home is the default landing page for all domains.


How do I remove sample data from the home?

On checking “I got it. Please hide all sample data.” at the bottom of the page will permanently hide your sample data from the home.

How can I add more widgets to the Home?
After clicking the “Add Widgets” button from the customize menu, the add widget popup appears — which has more than 50+ widgets to configure for your Home.


You may add a widget by clicking on . You can delete a widget by clicking , but once the widget’s changed to , you can only delete it from the dashboard.

For more on add widgets refer here.

Can I resize or rearrange the order of widgets?
Yes, you can. Only the widgets with images are not resizable. With the icon you may resize the widgets. The widgets can approximately be of a width 1/3 of the available canvas — it will resize accordingly if left in middle.
There is no limitation on the height of the widget.

What does arrange widgets mean?
In MangoApps, there’s a feature called arrange widgets. The feature includes six different layout templates which can be applied to the home.

What else can I do with widgets?
You may edit the name of the widget as you like under the edit option. You can delete widgets and duplicate some widgets. You can also refresh the individual widgets.
Note: renaming the widget will only effect the home.

Which widgets can be duplicated?

MangoApps Resources
Basic Text Box
Rich Text Box
Rich Text Box with Media
External Source Integrator

How will I recognize a duplicated widget?
We add the word “(Copy)” to the name of the widget.

What is restore to admin defaults?
Restore to admin defaults resets the home for the user to the last home published by the admin under the home settings.

What is restore to factory defaults in admin portal?
Restore to factory defaults resets the home to the default widgets model.

What is publish?
Publish is a way for the admin in the admin portal to publish the home for the new users in the network — existing users will not be effected.

Can admins stop network users from changing their home?
No, an admin cannot stop users from changing their home, except if they make the home locked.

Do guest users have home?
No, guest users do not see home.

Recommended setting?
Browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Is home available on tablet or mobiles?
No, currently we are only supporting the web version of MangoApps for home.

Is home supported on touch screen monitors?
Yes, home works well with all functionality on touch screen monitors.

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