What are the different types of awards?

There are different types of awards that users can give each other in MangoApps.

Recognize a subordinate, peer, team, or supervisor with a image and personal message in their Employee Recognition award.
Birthday Gifts
On colleague’s birthdays, wish them well with a cake or other birthday image and a hearty congratulations for getting another year older.
Office Fun
Bring some levity to the workplace with this whimsical award with a funny graphic and personal ribbing which is bound to spark some light interaction between colleagues.

Each award can be customized on who can give out the awards. Each can be customized. Each can be disabled to the administrators discretion.

Who can give awards and to whom?

For Birthday Gifts and Office Fun, all users have access to give these to any other user. There is no stopping an employee from giving these to their boss, co-worker, or direct report.

With the Recognize module, the network admin is able to set permissions on various awards. The awards can be customized to all only certain users, a person’s manager, or anyone can give out the award.13


How can I give an award?

To give an award in MangoApps:

  1. Choose the desired award from the left navigation bar14
  2. Fill in the “Choose a category”, “Choose an award”, “Add a personal note”, and “Select the recipients” boxes then click “Send” to delivery your award.

In what ways can I customize Recognition awards?

The Recognition module allows for full customization. The network admin is able to control the name of the category, who can give out awards, names, and images of the awards. Each of the pre-set awards can be edited to an image, name, or deleted all together.16


How do I disable awards?

You can disable all applications or just disable one or more applications. To disable applications:

  1. Navigate to the “Admin Portal“.
  2. Choose “Apps” from the left navigation and select “set Up” from secondary navigation.
  3. click “Disable” next to award which you want to disable. 17

Understanding The Recognition Widget.

This widget has two settings Team or Individual which we will cover in details below.
– Other options are to Give Recognition which will open a dialog box to do so.
– Set Properties, which will allow you to rename the widget or change the number of items to display.
– Ability to remove the widget.

The Team Setting will show all Recognition given in the Team selection if the widget is on the main company pages.
If you add an individual in the team selection, this does not change the behavior, it will still display as the team selection is picked. (shown above)
This is the selection made when creating Recognition for a Team or a Colleague within a Team.

The Individual setting will show all Recognition given to an individual. This is the selection made when creating Recognition for any Colleague.

As mentioned the widget behavior in the Company pages will display all Recognition given throughout the domain, no matter if it’s a private team or individual award.

the Recognitions widget added to a team(department, group, project) page, this will only display Recognition given to that team or a colleague of the team (while still using the Team selection)
Because of this condition, the Team or Individual setting will both populate if a member is singled out from using the Team + member condition seen below.

If only the team is entered with no member picked out then it will display only in the team selector

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