This article introduces the best practices of following Colleagues in your MangoApps domain. To get started we’ll cover:

  • Why should you follow colleagues in your domain?
  • Who should you follow?
  • How do you follow a colleague?
  • Who is following you?

After you know the major points in this article, go out and follow MangoApps Colleagues in our own domain.

Why should you follow colleagues in your domain?

There are several key reasons to follow colleagues. The general reason is that you will be notified when a colleague you follow collaborates in MangoApps. Specifically, you will be notified in MangoApps and through email notifications (if set) when a colleague you follow:

    • Posts a domain-wide status update
    • Creates a wiki in a team you belong to
    • Changes their online presence status
    • Creates a task
    • Submits an idea
    • Organize an event
    • Uploads a document

Who should you follow?

Follow the people that matter. If you need to know what your workmate is working on, follow them. If you need to keep abreast of what your executives are saying, follow them. If you have some direct reports, follow them. In general, follow the people that you need to collaborate with to get work done.

MangoApps lets you choose the amount of activity you see in your activity streams. It’s recommended to not go overboard with the number of colleagues you follow.

How do I follow a colleague?

To follow a colleague using the web client:

  1. Click on their profile picture in any activity stream or list in MangoApp1
  2.  Click the “Follow” icon towards the top-right of their profile page.2

Who is following you?

You might want to know who is going to receive your domain-wide status update and other public communications that go out to all of your followers. To find your followers in the Web Client:

  1. Click on the top-left image and select “View my Profile”. My Profile Info page will open showing all the colleagues you are following and all your followers.34

In summary, the people that you follow generate the collaborative content that you see in MangoApps. You should know why to follow colleagues, who to follow, how to follow them, and who’s following you. If there’s more you need, please ask your specific question by sending mail to We look forward to hearing from you.


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