What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a simple way of categorizing content in your domain into topics by using the hashtag symbol ‘#’ along with the topic or phrase and adding it to your post. For example:This is a great sales update! #SalesWin.Hashtags automatically turn the topic or phrase into clickable links in your post. Hashtags help your employees find content in your domain that matches the topic or phrase.

What type of content can be tagged with a hashtag?

Any kind of content (updates, questions, polls, posts, wikis, files, pages, ideas, campaigns, events, teams, tasks, forms etc) in your domain can be tagged with a hashtag.

Who can add a hashtag?

Any user in the domain can add a hashtag. However admins control who can create ‘new’ hashtags. By default anyone can create new hashtags also but network admins can configure the domain so that only network admins can create new hashtags and regular users can only select from the pre-created hashtags.

What are the types of hashtags?

There are 2 types of hashtags – Admin Defined vs User Defined. ‘Admin Defined’ hashtags are the ones that ship out of the box and any tags that are created by the domain admins to help your employees get value by finding related things quickly. ‘User Defined’ hashtags are the ones that are created by network users in your domain. Guest users can also create new hashtag or associate existing tags to content in their team.

We have too many similar kinds of hashtags. How can they be managed?

Yes domain admins can merge multiple hashtags into one. This merge will automatically tag all the content with the newly merged tag and remove the older tags. Both admin defined and user defined tags can be merged.

Can I color hashtags differently for easier identification?

Yes each tag can be given a different color to help with identification. User defined tags can be given a color by any network user while the admin defined tags can be given a color by domain admins only. The out of the box created tags already come with unique colors associated with them.

Does deleting a hashtag delete the content associated with it?

No deleting a hashtag only ‘dis-associates’ the hashtag from the content. It does not impact the content it was associated to.

Are there any rules in naming a hashtag?

Yes a hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces. You can include numbers in a hashtag, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) are not allowed. You should have minimum of 8 characters to create a hashtag in MangoApps.

Hashtags in MangoApps are case-insensitive which implies that hashtags with similar name in upper case and lower case are treated the same.

When I click on a hashtag can I see all the content in my domain that is tagged by that hashtag?

When you click on a hashtag you get to see all the content that you have at-least ‘viewer privileges’ in your full domain.

Can I search using a hashtag by typing it in the search bar?

Yes you can search on any hashtag by typing in the search bar on any platform.

Can I discover all the different topics in my domain using hashtags?

Yes you can. The Hashtags app is specifically designed to help browse & filter thru’ all the topics created using hashtags in your domain.

Can I be notified when new content is tagged or existing content modified with the hashtag I am interested in ?

Yes this is one of the key benefits of hashtags. You should ‘follow’ the hashtag that is of interest to you and you will be notified in real time (across multiple platforms) when new content is tagged with it or existing content (already tagged) is modified

The following is a video tutorial of hashtags

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