By the end of this article you will have answered questions pertaining to using the Enterprise Social Networking in MangoApps. The topics covered in this article are divided by a series of frequently asked questions including:

What is Enterprise Social Networking?

Enterprise social networking focuses on the use of online social networks or social relations among people who share business interests and/or activities. Enterprise social networking is often a facility of enterprise social software (regarded as a primary component of Enterprise 2.0), which is essentially social software used in “enterprise” (business/commercial) contexts. It encompasses modifications to corporate intranets and other classic software platforms used by large companies to organize their communication, collaboration and other aspects of their intranets. Enterprise social networking is also generally thought to include the use of a standard external social networking service to generate visibility for an enterprise.

Who will see my updates?

The network members and admins in your private domain have access to see your updates. If they follow you it will appear on your activity stream dashboard based on your primary/secondary tab configuration. If they are not following you they can still view your Wall in your profile, or see your updates in the “All Public Feeds” filter on their dashboard.

Who’s updates do I see?

You will see any updates for colleagues in your domain you follow. You can also view colleagues activity in their wall and in the “All feeds” filter. You can also search for content from the universal search bar.

How do I see everyone’s updates?

If you choose to, you can follow every member of your domain, and the updates will be pushed to you in your activity stream. Or, you can simply view the “All feeds” activity stream and it includes updates from anyone in your organization.

What is the difference between a wall and an update followers?

Both are publicly viewable by all Network users in your domain. Updates followers are one-directional, not meant for any particular person. You can mention a colleague in an update, but posting it on their wall is a more direct public message to a colleague. You can also mention your colleague on their wall.

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