The network capability to control who can create new projects & new groups on the domain. Only users who have been  assigned a project creator or a group creator role are allowed to create new projects or groups. Refer instructions here to setup Project/Group creators;

  1.  Navigate to the admin portal -> Users -> Admin Roles
  2. Click the Project or Group creator link from the secondary navigation depending upon where you would like to set the permission
  3.  Click on “Add Creator” button then type the users name or email you wish to add as creator. Click Make project admin to confirm.
  4. Navigate to Modules -> Projects or Groups (depending where you wish to apply the creator role)
  5. Click on the three dots button (Settings) at the right top, then manage settings.
  6. From the drop-down “Permissions to create a new group” select “Network Admins And Users With Creator Role” and click save to apply the setting.


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