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Why should I create a task from a feed?

Usually people post feed updates that are informational. Sometimes their informational feed requires some work to be done. When you see a feed that you want somebody do start working on but it’s not a task yet, you can create a task from that feed by:

  1. From the feed itself, choose the “More” -> “Add as Task” menu.

How do I Hide certain feeds from my activity stream?

You can hide feeds that are not important to make room in your activity stream for more important feeds to be seen. To hide a feed:

  1. Go to your Inbox/News Feed
  2. From the feed you want to hide, click the “More” menu.
  3. Click “Hide Feed”18
  4. Choose from the presented Hide Options.19

How can I set read receipts for my feeds so I know who’s reading them?

For Project and Group feeds, you can request that readers of your feeds acknowledge that they have read them. Simply check the read receipt box when sending your message.20

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