What is MangoApps?

  • MangoApps allows your employees, project teams, clients, and partners to share and collaborate on critical business information from anywhere in the world.
  • You follow the content, groups and people you are interested in and updates and information come to your Activity Stream to easily keep up to date on what matters to you.
  • MangoApps domains are private and secure, you choose who outside your company has access to join.

What is the Activity Stream?

  • The Activity Stream is Grand Central Station for all of the items you are following.
  • Within your activity stream you’ll see information like who updated a document, what the latest version is, changes to an event, new ideas posted, updates specific to groups and projects you participate in, wall posts, awards and more all fed to you in a organized, easy to consume fashion.
  • You can respond, comment, like, create tasks and more right from the Activity Stream.

What does following mean?

  • When you follow something or someone means you are interested in following the updates.
  • When a document is updated with a new version, tasks or comments you are notified in your Activity Stream.
  • When one of the people you follow posts a new status update, poll or idea you see that and can participate in the conversation.
  • When you follow a group or a project any of the tasks, documents, links, wall posts and more come right into your Activity Stream.
  • You can follow or unfollow anyone or anything at anytime to control what you want to consume.

What are Groups?

  • Groups can be used for different geographic offices, departments, or common interests within your company.
  • Groups allow you to reach a more targeted audience, and allow you to follow the specific content rather then the individual people.
  • Following a group also allows you to start or participate in Group Chats over Instant Messaging.

What are attachments?

  • Anything can be an attachment within MangoApps – Photos, Movies, Doc and Excel files, PDFs and Powerpoints.
  • Every time you attach a file within a instant messaging conversation, or when creating a task, commenting on an event wall, status updates and more, those attachments are automatically copied to your “My Documents” folder.
  • All of these files are accessible to you from any web browser, mobile device or from the desktop application.
  • You can share these files with anyone in the organization and you can enable collaboration to allow colleagues to follow updates to the documents.

What is Instant Messaging Chat?

  • Instant Messaging allows your company to connect in real time and helps make every aspect of your collaboration faster, more productive and seamless.
  • Users can post quick answers and receive quick responses in a private instant conversation to make sure if there is any disconnection or confusion it gets handled right away and they can get back to work to complete their tasks.
  • In a group setting, you can get your team on the same page no matter what location they are in as every conversation is archived and available for the members who couldn’t attend real time to be brought up to speed in hyper real time and ready to work.

What are Tags?

  • Tags create a way to organize and more easily search documents, ideas and document folders.
  • Think of it like a very focused internal search engine.
  • Tags are used to help pinpoint documents and conversations as sometimes the name of a document, a subject of an idea may not be what another user will search for.
  • Tagging an item helps organize documents so that you can access the information you need quickly.

What is Unified Search?

  • Unified Search i show you can easily find anything quickly and easily within MangoApps.
  • When you search for a term, like “Mango” it will search for every kind of content within MangoApps.
  • Search results are automatically filtered based on content type such as messages, IM/chats, documents, even profiles.
  • Then a user can filter those results down to user, group, project or time frame to easily and quickly find exactly the item or person they were looking for.

Additional applications?

  • In addition to the web client MangoApps has a fully functional Desktop Application built on the Adobe AIR platform to ease installation on any PC or MAC.
  • There are native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
  • Open API’s make it easy to integrate MangoApps into your legacy business systems.
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