To start configuring users in your domain from that Admin portal, click on Users then Manage Users as shown by:

Manage Users

First place a check in the checkbox next to users names. Then the following actions can be performed from the “User Tools”┬ámenu:

Manage Users_1

  • Send Invites
    For users that have not yet received invites; or their invitation was lost or blocked by spam filters.
  • Reset Password
    To reset a user’s password if the password is forgotten or lost. The user will be prompted to change their password on their next login to the user portal.
  • Change Email Address
    If the associated user’s email changes their content will be retained.
  • Activate
    For previously suspended users, this will reinstate their login privileges.
  • Deactivate
    For active users, this will curtail their login privileges while retaining their contributed MangoApps content. Preferred over “Delete”. Suspended users do not count towards the number of paid users in the domain.
  • Make Administrator
    For non-administrators, will grant administrative privileges.
  • Remove as Administrator
    For administrators, will remove administrative privileges.
  • View in Org Chart
    Will find and display the marked user in the graphical reporting structure hierarchy.
  • View Device Access Log
    For the selected users, will show connection records to MangoApps with their various mobile devices.
  • Assign Manager
    To define the marked user’s place in the graphical reporting structure hierarchy.
  • Assign Company Organization
    To define the company affiliation of the user.
  • Assign Departments
    To add departments to the marked user.
  • Accept Invitation
    For the moderated invitation method, will accept the request and officially allow the user to work in MangoApps.
  • Reject Invitation
    For the moderated invitation method, will reject the request and secretly disallow the user from working in MangoApps.
  • Convert to Network User
    For guest users, will grant network user privileges to the selected user.
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