You can quickly start an instant message with a colleague by clicking on their profile picture from your feed queue or from “People” in the left navigation bar . Their “Office Card” will be displayed. Click “View Full Profile”

Profile of the user will be displayed. Click “Send IM” to start an IM conversation

If they are offline, you might choose to write on their wall from their profile or send a Direct Message instead.

Alternatively, to start an IM with a colleague, one can use the Social Bar at the bottom where you can search for a colleague’s name and start am IM instantly.

Sharing of media file over Chat 

MangoApps allows users to share files (including media files) over chat conversation. Media files such as Images, Videos, GIF and Audio files can be shared on chat.

As these files are shared, MangoApps will show and play the rich media content like videos, images, GIF, and audio files inline. You can also download these media files or just view/play it directly in chatbox.

Below is a video to illustrate this sharing of media files over chat/IM:

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