Email notifications are an easy way to notify users about activities happening in MangoApps. User can choose when do they want to be notified.

To change your email notification settings, click on the arrow pointing downwards next to your name on the top right and choose “Change My Settings” to open the settings page.



You will see Email Notifications on the left hand menu. Then put check marks in boxes where you want to receive notifications and clear check marks from boxes where you don’t want to receive notifications and click “Save settings”.



Additionally, a network admin can set some default email notifications for all the users in the domain but the users can still change it according to their use.

To set email notifications from Admin portal, go to “Domain” and choose “Email settings” from secondary navigation and switch to “Notifications” tab


When you need to setup a domain and want to prevent outbound email notifications including invitations and password resets, go to “Configuration” and select “Turn OFF all outgoing email notifications in the domain.”¬†The remaining emails that would be sent are Login Token, Report a Problem, Send Feedback, and Report Translation issues would be sent out. No other outbound emails¬†would be sent.


Once you’re done with the setup and ready to launch we recommend disabling this setting.



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