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Access Recent and Commonly Used Items

With quick access, users have a quick list of all recently and commonly used items throughout MangoApps. The list is ordered by most recently accessed, and includes posts, pages, wikis, team spaces, user profiles, events, files, tasks, trackers, quizzes, surveys, ideas, campaigns, and hashtags.

Keep Important Items At The Top

Users can select to keep important or frequently needed items at the top of their quick access list by starring them which effectively makes it stick in order of addition to the top of the list.

How Our Customers Use Quick Access

  1. 1
    Create quick access to relevant team/department spaces used often
  2. 2
    Set shortcuts to co-authored files that are necessary on a regular basis
  3. 3
    Get back to recently accessed files or pages without digging through web history or search
  4. 4
    Find recently used documents without searching for content keywords

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Bring intranet, teamwork, training and content management into an integrated employee experience. It has never been this easy to create the perfect employee experience. Contact us so we can go over your requirements, demonstrate MangoApps, discuss pricing, rollout & support.
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