Share what you are working on with your followers

Microblogs are posts that employees share about what they are working on with their followers in the company.

Blog Posts

Include rich content, save as a draft until ready to publish

MangoApps intuitive content editor makes it easy for users of all levels to contribute to the blog post, quickly and securely. With "save as draft" capabilities post your blog when you are really ready.

Include rich content, save as draft until ready to publish
Pin and Tag for quick access in future

Pin and tag for quick access in the future

As you grow to hundreds of posts, pinning the posts that you refer to the most is a great time-saver.

Ask a question, do a poll or run a full survey with your followers

This is a great way to get answers to questions you have and don't know which group to ask. Executives can do a quick poll or conduct a full survey to get the pulse and interest of their followers in the company.

Team Announcements & News

Break workers out of silos

Extend the reach of your internal knowledge sharing and encourage breakthrough thinking and innovation through bottom-up communication with enterprise microblogging. Providing an effective way of information sharing, employee microblogging also ensures that knowledge remains within the organization should some employee leave.

Break workers out of silos
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