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  • MangoApps Customer - Berkshire Hathaway
    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
    MangoApps Customer - Christies Fine Art Auctions
    MangoApps Customer - Kelly-Moore Paints
    MangoApps Customer - Kainos
    MangoApps Customer - PFM Medical
  • MangoApps Customer - Modern Technology Solutions inc
    MangoApps Customer - National Health Service (NHS)
    MangoApps Customer - Chicago Freight Car Leasing (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
    MangoApps Customer - TransLine
    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
  • MangoApps Customer - Marchex
    MangoApps Customer - Internet Identity (IID)
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
    MangoApps Customer - Attune
    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
  • MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association

Customer Videos and Case-Studies

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MangoApps Enterprise Customer Case Study - Kelly Moore Paints
"MangoApps best matched the multi-faceted capability we were looking for in a tool. Not just an easy way to present information but also an easy way for an employee to find what they were looking for."

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MangoApps Enterprise Customer Case Study - Huber Suher
"MangoApps is facilitating us in becoming a truly global company. I see MangoApps as a good fit in our current and future architecture."
MangoApps Customer - Carolyn Prendergast

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MangoApps Enterprise Customer Case Study - Tatts Group
"We loved all the features MangoApps had. It forced us to think about using our intranet in new ways, which was exciting"

Customer Testimonials

"Ease of use and integration with mobile devices is top notch. Everything is much, MUCH ‘prettier’ than Sharepoint and simple to understand."

Brandon Diener
IT Professional
Redpath and Company
"Our company uses MangoApps as a social network to interact with affiliate partners within our ownership company -- Berkshire Hathaway. I do not believe there was any easy way to do this prior… now we are able to share ideas and discuss easily."

Timothy Lin
Logistics Specialist
Lubrizol Corp.
"Easy to use, faster than others when compared, nice user interface, excellent support."

Narasinga Rao Chennuri
Sr Consultant
"We'd use it for social networking within the company, but mainly for having a centralized source to share resources; there are various files that would be useful to our company as a whole, but the problem we run into is communicating what we have among each other -- both within our office and among our other offices. Mango Apps could be used to solve that problem."

Jon Bixby
Project Engineer
Giffels Webster
"We use MangoApps as an intranet site for our staff. We never had a site to communicate or share resources internally without using email. This allowed us a way to do both. Our staff are communicating with each other on a whole new level. They are sharing ideas and resources, they are participating in forums and are using MangoApps as a project management tool as well."

Rashmi Sheth
Manager of Operations
North York Community House
"We are a very small company, five employees, using the project tools in MangoApps -- most of our customers assume we are at least a twenty person firm. We are able to respond to requests and keep all of our clients' projects moving forward."

Brett Edstene
"I like the interfaces and simplicity of use. The recent changes to improve gamifications should be sought for as they increase engagement from the users. The file system on the web is a real time saver."

Tirso Garcia
Marketing Analyst
"We tried to use document shares on our network or e-mail. That didn't work at all. We needed it easily searchable, easily editable, multi-sourced and able to be accessed from anywhere. MangoApps fit the bill for us."

Alfred Solorzano
Principal Architect
"I like the cross-platform aspect and the simplicity of it's layout. It is fast and easy to get up and running."

Ken St. Germain
Project Manager
"We use it for project management and project collaboration. We love the mobile App and how easy it is to use it."

Saiful Khandker
JAT Capital Management, LP
"We use MangoApps to stay connected with each other. The majority of the company works remotely, so for us to access information from anywhere around the world is very helpful. The marketing team can send us useful information when we're on the road and we can also celebrate the personal stories of our teammates who we don't get to see regularly."

Eugene So
Regional Director, Recruitment
Shorelight Education
I love how collaborative it is. Having the ability to setup groups and projects and then being able to add users who are not part of our company on top of that is wonderful. Plus, the support staff is great. Very quick response times for tickets.

Jim House
IT Director
United Way of Greater
Collaborating on a document is easy and the check out, check in process is SO much better than using a shared network drive where you don't know if someone is editing it at home the same time as you. I like the new Messenger for chat... I keep it running all the time on my Mac in addition to keeping the web version open in a tab of my browser. Messenger makes it easier to see/hear when new messages come in

Kim Buschy
IT Manager
Bohemian Companies
I have been using MangoApps for about one month now; and these key items are making us fall in love even more as we explore the platforms:
1. Support -- we have been able to get both email / chat support very timely; and the best is to actually get the answers. Knowledgeable team of support that provides excellent understanding of issues and recommending viable solutions.
2. Price -- nothing really can compare with the flexibility of your pricing structure; in additional to availability of discounts for longer term commitment.
3. True connectivity with team members & colleagues (even external party) -- on mobile/desktop/web. The real-time presence notification works charmingly. The chat system is excellent: ability for private / group / all-employee chants or announcement.
4. Excellent integration with Microsoft Office / Outlook and Box which I am a user.
I have been looking for a solution to the idea of having a team working together from any platform; in an open and engaging social networking environment; where employees would be able to share ideas , participate in event, share documents and so on; and MangoApps has come to the rescue. Loving it so far.

Zeno Gabing
Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd
My colleagues are actually starting to use MangoApps, and our work together and on our own is already getting more efficient and more effective! So...given our mission at
MangoApps is helping tackle social exclusion!

Anthony Lawton
Warden and CEO
Bohemian Companies
It is so satisfying to have an all-encompassing web site and dedicated apps for overseeing our many clients' projects. With some employees telecommuting and some working different hours, MangoApps has allowed us to stay focused and maintain consistent delivery. I couldn't imagine a system with better integration and control over every aspect of an assignment. Thanks for being there!

Jacob Gutwein
Project Manager
Phoenix Nationwide Corporation
Very Nice user friendly interface. Keep up the good work.

Karan hinduja
Web Developer
Can be used on different devices (Smartphone, Tablet, PC, ...)

Albert Asllani
IT Administrator
Dunkermotoren GmbH
I like having all of my company sharing knowledge and data in one place. It is somewhere we can all communicate and put forward ideas from different sides of the globe. A true information and communication hub with both a social and professional feel.

Niall Cullen
Marketing Executive
Findmypast Ireland
I like the way that it integrates all the essential ingredients of a social enterprise dashboard and is highly customizable. Self-hosted is also a great option. I checked out MangoApps for a client last year, and haven't visited since. I am VERY impressed with the updates that you have made since then!!

Howard Liptzin
luna-park multimedia
Very promising tool, great for easy online collaboration, well integrated with other cloud services. MangoApps user interface has greatly improved recently. The mobile versions are very handy indeed. What could be improved further, is searching the contents of files. Only the title of Word docs and pdf's is now indexed. This is a major reason why we did not consider Mango Apps as a suitable intranet / DMS for our organization.

René Vlak
I like the flexibility to create projects and share files and comments with the rest of the people involved in the project. The web site appearance and layout is nice and intuitive.
I like the fact that we can customize the dashboard, side bar, etc.

Juan Garcia
Revenue Management Analyst
I've always liked how instantly Mango keeps me updated on my colleagues activities without clogging up my email in-box. It basically replaced the need for us to have a company Intranet by allowing us to share company documents, advertise social events and run mini-surveys.

Richard Anderson
I like most is its looks and easy handling.

Jose Ignacio Hernandez
Presales Consultant
I like the possibility to share everything, everywhere. Iphone App is fantastic and absolutely necessary. And everything about Mango is wxtremely user friendly. Good job.

Federico Alossa
Marketing Manager
I love having Mangoapps on my mobile to be always updated with my colleagues work.

Niccolò Massucci
It's a number of things. First off, its customizability. Considering the fact that it offers a great deal of functionality (which is also a plus), good and easy customization is a must. Mangoapps delivers on that. It provides a place for project as well as internal information to be gathered, presented and maintained, as well as forming a place where people can communicate freely about all kinds of subjects. This sort of functionality is particularly useful for our colleagues that are out of office a lot. Last but not least: it's ease of use. Mangoapps has a very 'natural' interface, staying in line with what we've come to expect from quality (online) software. All in all, a well thought out product.

Bas Muller
Project Manager Knowledge Management
The integration of project management, task management, zendesk integration.

Javier Moreno
IT manager
G2 Informatica
What I like about MangoApps is the genius way of sharing your information on it's platform. Even if you are on the road you can get update's about your projects or read a wiki on your mobile. It doesn't matter if you have an Iphone or an android phone.

Arjen Visser
Assistent ICT
Delta wines
I have a overview of all our projects in the company. Whenever I want. In the office, at home or on the road.
I have less emails and all project communication for every project in one tool. It helps to communicate.

Markus Götz
Licht Distribution
Perfect dashboard, I found it more useful than MS outlook while doing my projects. Nice Project options, I can invite colleagues to projects I've created and report results to them automatically.
While I'm on the road, I prefer to use Mangoapps for Iphone to receive fresh news of our company.
And a lot of options you can use if needed. Mangoapps is now my primary tool at work.

All in one solution.

Carlos Bial Goldstein
Back slide S L
Employees use status updates to share what’s on their minds, to tell others what they’re doing, and to gather feedback from colleague & seniors. The different ways people use status updates form some interesting patterns. In this study, I looked at the usage of words in different "word categories" in status updates. This led us to discover some patterns in how people use status updates differently, and how their colleagues interact with different status updates. This is nothing but the non paid mode of best platform to discuss, interact internally.

I'm fresher, still learning to use MangoApps.
File Sharing within Group is very nice and i'm using that only.

Kalavati Pandey
MIS Manager
I have implemented instant messaging in my company over 10 years ago. We were using a one to one chat and always looking for more features. I have tested numerous apps from yammer, social cast, convo a and finally found what we needed in mango. You provide a comprehensive mobile app with chat, tasks and group posts as well as real time instant messaging in the desktop app.
Mango has allowed us to be more productive, efficient and solve issues faster.
Thank You

Morris Cohen
IT Director
VIP optical labs
Currently I am using MangoApps to communicate directly with our sister companies and we are able to collaborate on our time. It has been an extremely helpful tool as I am new to the Indirect Sector of Procurement and can use all the help I can get. The ability to collaborate across several companies has been a big help.

Tara Works
Sr. Buyer Indirect
See's Candies, Inc
"We store our electronic reference libraries on MangoApps. Before, we had these stored on a server, but the search function was very limited. We also are using the Wikis and Posts to share technical information with our groups. Before, we had an in-house forum, but it was rarely used, difficult to find items, and did not notify users when something new was posted."

Rebecca Collins
Project Manager
Coughlin Porter Lundeen
MangoApps has helped us stay in close communication. It saves time from the phone. It also allows many of us to share ideas back and forth. Using it off my phone keeps me in touch all day along… MangoApps made it easy for several employees from many different backgrounds and locations in our business to collaborate on Manuals. MangoApps allowed us to develop the best Manuals with the least amount of cost! Mango has become a real ASSET!

Craig Pfister
We have been using MangoApps in our business unit for about a year now. It pretty much revolutionized our daily tasks. Being sort of a start-up in big Media company, we had to and are still building most of our own tools and procedures. Before MangoApps we didn't have any CRM and just communicating via Outlook was long and tedious. Now it's our main communication platform and it's where most of our time is spent. Pretty much all of our SOPs are there and it's a precious resource for both senior and new team members.

Olivier Savard
Account Manager
TC Media
MangoApps helped us breakdown the virtual barriers caused by our people being located in different corporate offices, assigned to different business units, or located at a customer site.

Russ Wolfe
VP of Engineering
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
I like that we can converse, share files and links, set up special groups for specific projects, and have one place to visit and get anything we need from past conversations and meetings.

Rachel Bliss
Advocate and Recruiter
We use MangoApps to collaborate on our research. We house many of our technical documents and formulas on MangoApps and it is a good way for people to open those documents.

Chris Ollinger
Technology Manager
Palmer Holland
We use MangoApps to collaborate on our research. We house many of our technical documents and formulas on MangoApps and it is a good way for people to open those documents.

Chris Ollinger
Technology Manager
Palmer Holland
"Using MangoApps, the software team can be kept in the loop of the progress of hardware installation and they can plan accordingly. Earlier, all this was done using email, which can be bit of an information overload."

Amitkumar Chouhan
Senior Engineer
AGC Networks Ltd.
"We share clinical learnings, updates, meeting notes, and any communications amongst all clinical providers. Great service!"

Jaclyn Anderson
Physician Assistant
"I like that I can access this site anywhere, anytime and be up to date what's going on in the facility. I like that we could be on the same thread of information and the search tools are pretty cool as well."

Megan Madden
Senior Engineer
Alberta Canola Producers Commission
MangoApps should make every Business Leader rethink how communication happens today and should happen tomorrow in his company. Mango provides good first steps to get off the inefficiency and cost driving mail storm and makes an organization more productive and agile. This is why a computer was invented for.

Dirk van Vliet
Great set of tools, easy to use.

Steve Schwartz
Touchstone Group
Style. Its very beautiful, and simple I can have it open all the day without problems. Customizable. Each person can have his own colors and arrangement of some widgets, makes you feel that is really your own work tool. Crazy powerful. Have some months testing it, and I always find a new feature. All the integration that offers is a must have. People. Im not buy the application yet, but the team is so friendly, and helpful.

Ruben Maldonado
Software Developer
Safran Labinal
Easy to use interface with familiar layout, good collaboration tools, easy and quick to post files, projects are a good way to organize.

Carla Truax
Outreach coordinator
I am new to MangoApps, but so far my experience has been positive. Looking forward to learning more and seeing how it will make us more productive.

John Hunt
- Easy of use
- Wide range of features
- On-premise / off-premise
- Mobile apps

Lars Farnstrom
VP Marketing
BOARD International SA
Useful blogs and internal comms, Project workspace and ability to share documents, Information.

Steven Hughes
Abbott Risk Consulting
Easy to use and seamless performance across of platforms.

Lovelesh Gupta
Generally good. The user interface is simple and nice to look at.

Pablo Yague
Account Manager
It is easy to stay tuned and to keep all things in one place.

Hans Siem Schweiger
Swiss Academic Software
Upon joining team Bulletproof Automotive I was introduced to the excellent communication tool MangoApps! MangoApps is my essential tool for communicating with my teammates and boss throughout the work day as well as travels. The most unique and useful tool in my opinion is that I can simultaneously use MangoApps in the office with my coworkers, iPhone, or Macbook Pro from home at any time. It eliminates additional phone calls and it can be used adequately to communicate in rapidly changing situations on the fly. MangoApps also functions as an office/internal social networking service for ongoing projects.

Jonathan Grunwald
Marketing | Project Management
I love how customizable it is. Other options we considered had a set system that they weren't willing to change based on their own users' feedback. With the ability to customize it on the admin and user side, we are able to please so many more people, and it makes them feel like they can make it their own.

Brian Bradshaw
Very full featured: project and group, activity stream-based features, tasks, documents, calendar, mobile It seems to be the right step forward for us compared to wiki/ticketing environment (confluence/jira).
No major areas missing, usability reasonable.
LDAP integration and private cloud are key.

Keith Weng
Product Mgmt.
I like that I can communicate effectively with employees throughout the building without having to send endless email strands that clog my in-box. I don't have to track people down - they can stay updated on their own schedule. This is particularly helpful for our sales team who often work outside the office. We form a lot of committees and projects and Mango makes it so much easier than sharing files on a company drive.

Jennifer Kraus
Executive Assistant
We evaluated a number of hosted platforms that could help our company with Projects and tasks as well as host client documentation and integrate well with our devices, desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads etc.
MangoApps offered all of these options and more. Security of our data is important and the ability to integrate with our network and grant different privileges ultimately provided us with a very simple solution, move it all to MangoApps.

Damien Saunders
Director | Technical Consultant
People directory, the feed, and ease to share company news.

Max Lidster
There are so many things to love about Mango!
I like that ManoApps easily scales and adapts to our organizations shifting needs. As an agile organization, customization is key in allowing our staff the ability to determine how Mango can best aid in their own personal communication strategy.
Push communication is a thing of the past. We now have employees that are active participants in discussions that help to inform leadership. Everyone is engaged and our office culture has been strengthened by severing its tie to a physical location.

Casey Kent
Easy to implement and use in your organization. Nice to get along with your pc, tablet, smart phone and available on different OS. You can shat with colleagues, but also send a private mail. If you want to share information or docs it's easy to send to your followers/ colleagues.
Some functionalities i don't use, maybe it's because the function isn't really clear. Another improvement is that the news coverages will not disappear immediately after reading the feeds or chats. This can work better i think.

Luc CUijpers
Account Manager
Document Housegroup
Simple product, pricing integration into MS products.

Tim Wright
Access from phone and tablet, as well as computer. Sharing tasks and to-dos with co-workers. Forming groups to work with clients. We are evaluating it for our company, and it is holding up very well! It allows us to breakdown client projects into tasks and see how they are being worked on and completed.

Chris Isbell
Martin Associates
I like the organization style, the notifications, the connectivity and the ease of use.

Max Balkan
I've used MangoApps to brush up on my conversational French and I like it's ease of use and functionality in terms of word meanings phonetic spellings. The cultural notes are key as well! MangoApps has definitely helped in my retention of the language!

Jaime Steinberg
Senior Associate
Stellar up-time, seamless upgrades, continuous improvements - key factors for any communication platform!

Fredrik Wendt
Community Ambassador
Squeed AB
This is a great collaboration tool that helps me keep in touch with partners and with my boss. I can share many things with them and participate together in many activities. I think this tool is very useful for our company.

Valeria Cabrera
Grupo Financiero Banorte
We're making good use of projects and groups within MangoApps. Our Engineering team use it heavily to manage projects and to keep people connected to updates and progress. The apps download analytics and reporting functions are specifically interesting for me as it provides visibility into system usage. The gui and ease of navigation has also gotten better over the past couple releases.

Sai Kim
IT Manager
Immersion Corporation
It's versatile and it's easy to use it also from mobile devices. I also like the fact that you can personalize your home page with the to do list.

Alessia Fontanari
The concept of trying to collate the learning from the different social media / networks and positioning it for a corporate group of individuals looks intriguing. The various utilities provided my message dashboard, chat, content sharing makes the app more appealing.

Sachin Zanz
Sr. Manager
ICICI Securities
"I like having one place to go for all the documentation I need and being able to search the documentation for terms or phrases."

Cathy Vaisvil
Direct Services/ Community Partnerships Manager
United Way of Greater St. Louis
"The interface is super intuitive. You log in and start using it."

Julia Jackson
Director of Academic Technologies
UC Hastings College of the Law
"I like that it has a ‘social media’ feel, and that groups for committees and projects can be formed and performed on MangoApps. We can share ideas with colleagues in other states/health systems within EPMG."

Sally Villasenor
Nurse Practitioner
"Really like the way we can divide people/users into Groups, so we can simply communicate to specific regions in one message. Also like the fact that all of the posts and messages are searchable."

Rob Oja
Dir of Operations - North Region
Western Entertainment Management
"One of the best applications that I have ever used."

Rathish Mathew
Senior System Specialist
Enaya Insurance
"One stop shop - MangoApps has replaced 4 different products making it much easier to on board staff and locate everything we need."

Jared Cameron
Future Knowledge
Enaya Insurance
"Easy to use software, quick to set up, and did what it said on the tin with flying colours."

Matthew Hall
Junior Software Developer
European Electronique
"I love the "@" feature, the Microsoft plug ins, the polling feature, the ability to assign peer awards and the badges (makes using it fun)."

Renee John
Marketing Manager
American Chemical Society Publications
Ease of access from any point crystal-clear type of the interface freshness in ideas and agility in approach speed reaction of support.

Dmitry Sidnev
It is an excellent platform for sharing ideas and organizing the teamwork of any company or association. We previously used a rather obsolete platform and MangoApps has completely revolutionised our internal communication, making it way faster.

Macro Felici
Associate Consultant/User
JEME Bocconi
Like the fact that it combines file sharing, intranet pages, knowledge sharing, project management, discussion groups wrapped in communication all in one app.

Brad Ehlert
Controller/IT Director
Burnham Holdings
I love the way document are handled. The "check-in" "check-out" feature has save team hours of work and frustration.

Joshua Taylor
Business Development Manager
I like the project/tasks functions. They seems to be so much better than the competitors. i'd like to have a calender view...but hey..there is always something to improve....isn't it?

Norbert Kahl
Overall, I really like MangoApps. I like your approach to bring multiple business system under one roof(i.e collaboration, project management, file management...). I also like the hooks into other systems such as e-mail and office and the multiple deployment options. One area that concerns me is that MangoApps doesn't get a lot of play from industry experts (i.e Gartner, Forrester...) As the enterprise social market heats up, I worry that MangoApps will get passed up as a minor, niche player with limited adaptability.

Charlie laurie
IT Service Manager
Palmer Holland
Since we have geographically diverse consulting business across countries like India, France, US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia etc It helps Capgemini's management consultants all over the world to come together on a common platform and share ideas. We get quick responses to any problems - can integrate it with other applications too.

Ankur Tulsyan
Senior Consultant
It is really easy to use and it allows teams to have quite conversations during meetings (open planned office) without disturbing anyone.

Lydia Morrow
Campaign Administrator
See Me
It is the perfect solution for communication and information management for our organization! It is extremely easy to use, easy to implement, and easy for sustainability! The customer service and help we have received during the implementation has been amazing and extremely helpful.
Thank you!!

Cynthia Wang
Easy and intuitive interface. Makes collaborating with others easier and more efficient. Best file sharing I've seen and the MangoApps Office Plug In is outstanding.

David Gibson
We have recently just started using MangoApps at our company. I really like it! It's so easy to be able to create new projects and assign tasks to each person in the project. It was exactly what we were looking for! Not to mention you are saving us LOTS of paper. :)

Leah Hughes
Sales Associate
Alliance Machine, Inc.
I like that there is reasonable free plan. Oftenly you need to dig deep into a tool like Mango in detail to appreciate it.

Great place for our company to keep track of all of our innovation ideas. It's like having a brainstorming meeting where everyone can collaborate on an idea and share web sites, and other intelligence.

Daniel Deleurme
President & CEO
Norscan Instruments Ltd.
Flexible controls are at the heart of MangoApps therefore we can use Mango how we want to not how a program says we have to. Having one stop resources in the Apps suite enables us to have more participation and less passive users. The constant updates that improve the platform is a solid sign improvement is a constant process.

Eric Rauschenberg
Marketing | IT
Carswell Distributing Co.
I like that it seems to offer some things that the other companies don't. I like that events, tasks, etc. can be created and easily integrated into the feed. The app is pretty easy to use as well.

Andrew Rossman
Systems Analyst
Franklin Templeton Investments
We investigated many platforms to use for collaborative document creation and project management. Mango has the right set of features at an affordable price for a start up like ours. It is feature rich and fosters both internal collaboration and external communication with customers. Mango support is quite helpful and the tool itself is responsive and easy to use.

Aron Trauring
EBO Nexus
I like the mobile accessibility! I am always on the run and keeping all things work organized in an app is awesome! Also the chat function is nice for our company since we are somewhat disconnected in 18 different franchises.

Anna Phillips
Marketing manager
Floss dental
The ticket management.

Brian Linn
Software Developer
Ambit Energy
Moving here from Yammer, MangoApps is a breath of fresh air. The apps and alerts are all very functional and easy to use. The support is beyond phenomenal, taking time to personally reply to every e-mail, and taking customer feedback and criticism and actually using it.
I definitely recommend MangoApps to my professional friends.

Collin Jackson
Account Manager
Kasual Computing
MangoApps keeps us connected like never before and keeps us from losing things that got lost in email. More importantly, it allows us to create our culture and vision. This was a hard task because of how dispersed our organization is around the country.

Wesley Deese
Campus Evolution Villages
I love most things about MangoApps. One thing I love isn't necessarily with the software, but with the company as a whole. When I submit feedback and questions or ideas, I usually get a response fairly quickly with a good description about how my ideas or problems will be dealt with. I appreciate that the company values our opinions and takes our ideas into account.
I love using this software with our company where we can all collaborate and comment on everything we are working on.

Zach Howard
Wada Farms
It is an inative way to share and collaborate on documents with my colleagues.

Philip Midcalf
Head of Managed Services
It is almost there... It is the only tool I can find that integrates everything into one platform. Most importantly is the project management piece. If I could integrate with my onsite storage directly that would be huge.

Chris Messina
IT Director
Great collection of integrated apps allowing for better collaboration around my team.
Its been easy to integrate with our day to day processes and project management.

Brendon Joe
Network Administrator
Edtech Ltd
MangoApps has helped us pull our ideas together like no other platform before it, and it's backed by an approachable and responsive development team. I'm particularly fond of how easy it is to get new users up to speed with the getting started wizard and page tours.

Sage Grahame
Software Engineer
Mango is a very good application to collaborate thoughts of individuals under a group to make the composition fruitful.
Sharing of thoughts is simplified over here as mentioned above, providing the line-to-line(online) chat which can be very helpful in the organization.
If you want to make the info generalize mango is very good place........ for instance create a "Leave plan" page which is very useful in real world organization to make the resource availability context, those who want to take the leave at particular day they can update that page with their "day of leave" and that info is alerted to every one under your group..Oh god mango decreased my headache of writing the mail and send the leave plan to "reporting manager".......Thank you Mangooooo and Mangooooo developers for your sincere efforts.

Harikrishna Kanta
I love the fact that I get all the tools in one place. It's been extremely reliable and team members love how easy it is to use. Outside of email to communicate with our customers, MangoApps is the only other tool we use to manage our entire company.

Brittany Flem
Operations Manager
Mangoapps collaboration platform is the most i like, instant message and group chat with colleagues, train new employees to help them come up to speed faster and flexibility of deploying on-premise or in the cloud.

Sampath Reddy
Engineering Manager
3i Infotech
Firstly, THE NAME. The recall for a name like MangoApps is incredibly high. Funnily, we have conversations within the organization about why this product would be named such. I would love to know if there is a specific story behind it.
More importantly, for me personally, its a brilliant tool to share ideas. There are so many ideas within in the organization that get lost within emails. MangoApps allows me to keep up to date with all ideas floating around this big organization which eventually helps me grow professionally. Additionally, the badges for your colleagues is a brilliant feature for managers like me to publicly appreciate the good work that my team comes up with.
As they say that 'THE WORLD IS FLAT', MangoApps makes 'MY ORGANIZATION FLAT'.

Pariket Doshi
Manager - Brand Planning
social wavelength
I am amazed by the proficient, robust and yet modest office collaboration tool i.e. "MangoApps".It’s tranquil to managing the Projects & Tasks in MangoApps. It provides painless sharing of bulky files.The team member’s presence shown throughout MangoApps, which enables easy access to anyone within the team. I could easily share knowledge, links and other updates with team as the social environment of MangoApps makes it graceful for members to share and guzzle little updates.

Mithlesh Raut
KPIT cummins
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