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Still relying on email & Smorgasbord of tools for Internal Communication?

Mango Exchange is an internal communication system designed to improve employee engagement and eliminate the need to provide traditional email accounts to most employees. Mango Exchange provides rich messaging capabilities between employees of the company and just enough email capability so every user in the company can receive and reply to emails from trusted outside systems. In addition to mail, Mango Exchange enables easy creation and distribution of newsletters, podcasts & other team posts.

Connect 100% of your Workforce
As a leader, you no longer need to give costly company email addresses or rely on other unreliable methods to reach all your employees. Mango Exchange is designed for your entire workforce. It is inexpensive, reliable, easy-to-use and easy to administer.
Send Personalized Newsletters
Stop blasting everyone with irrelevant news and messages. Easily create and send targeted communications based on location, role and other team attributes.
Share Podcasts, Videos & Other Information
Podcasts, videos and rich-text posts makes it easy for anyone to tell stories and share information. Mango Exchange makes it a breeze to create and share these stories with the entire organization or with specific teams.
No @Company Email? No Problem!
Eliminate the need to provide internal facing employees with traditional email accounts. Mango Exchange gives employees powerful internal messaging capabilities including an email address.
Private, Secure and 100% SPAM Free
Without the external distractions of spam or the fear of phishing emails, users focus solely on communicating. All messages are sent securely, providing instant dialogue with any number of coworkers.
Cut Email Cost by as Much as 80%
Why pay for employee email accounts that are never used to communicate externally? Realize significant cost savings and do things email system don't allow you to do by switching to Mango Exchange.

If your company currently doesn't provide email to all employees because of cost or other operational headaches email brings, Mango Exchange provides an inexpensive, hassle-free, alternative to traditional email.

If your company currently provides email to all of its employees, in addition to dramatically reducing the time spent on email, Mango Exchange can cut your email cost by as much as 80%.

So, if you are an organization (e.g. retail, manufacturing, services to name a few) where a significant percentage of employees only need to communicate with other employees and members in the organization, you must give Mango Exchange a try. Simply contact us to schedule a demo. We are confident you will be very glad you did.

Benefits of Mango Exchange over Email

  1. 1

    Improved Communication & Focus

    Without the noise of all sorts of email in typical Inboxes, business-critical messages receive the focused attention they require.
  2. 2

    Company Newsletter Drives Engagement

    Using our online editor you can easily create and send beautiful, interactive, newsletters to all employees in minutes
  3. 3

    Lower Cost

    Typically email starts at $5/user/month and the cost increases with functionality. With high volume discount, Mango Exchange can be as low as $1/user/month.
  4. 4

    Higher Adoption

    As Mango Exchange is quick to access and super-easy to use, it actually gets adopted and used by employees.
  5. 5

    Increased Transparency

    Easily know when a message was delivered and when the recipients read the message. You can even require read receipts.
  6. 6

    Reduced IT Overload

    Easy account provisioning and management frees-up your staff from time-consuming email account creation and management.

You are in good company

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