Enterprise Integration Highlights

In addition to various tools are available to import data from 3rd party systems, Out of the box MangoApps comes integrated with following systems:
  • Active Directory User Authentication
  • 2-way Email Integration
  • LinkedIn Profile Integration
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Feed Integration
  • Sharepoint 2-way integration (coming soon)
  • Lync/OCS 2-way integration (coming soon)
  • Exchange Clanendar & Tasks integration (coming soon)
  • Deeper GooogleApps integration (coming soon)

In addition, we are constantly adding connectors to other services. Let us know if you don't see something that you need and we will be happy to prioritize that for you.


Open APIs & Open Standards

The MangoApps OpenAPI allows our enterprise customers to create their own MangoApp or integrate existing business applications into MangoApps Collaboration Platform. The MangoApps OpenAPIs provide full access to MangoApps and to a large extent expose all the same APIs we use to build MangoApps. Infact, all of our own client applications are built using OpenAPIs.

MangoApps open APIs allow authorized users or applications to use MangoApps's Real-Time Collaboration platform to generate information feeds for activities you do in your existing enterprise systems and applications. These information feeds then get delivered over the MangoApps's Real Time platform to people in your company for whom they are relevant and important enabling them be more productive and make better decisions.

MangoApps open APIs also allow authorized users or applications to use MangoApps to create & manage tasks, create & manage projects, send IM/Group IM, Place a Voice call, create & manage polls and much more. The information feeds generated as a result of these activities also get delivered over the MangoApps Real Time platform to people depending on their follow rules for users, applications, projects or tasks.

Finally all your company's information feeds in MangoApps are available to you anytime in the open Activity Streams standard format allowing you to not only have full ownership of your company data but also have it in a format that is open and not proprietary to a particular vendor.

Registering your application with MangoApps For your application to use the open APIs of MangoApps you need to register it with MangoApps. Ability to register your applications is available in the Business plan of MangoApps. Once your application is registered you get an application key and application secret code information. All requests coming from your application need to be passed this application key and the data encrypted using the application secret code.

Authorization and Security To GET or POST messages to MangoApps, the user/application must have a valid application key and application secret to encrypt the data passed. Based on the permission level granted, the user/application can either READ ONLY (get) or READ & WRITE (get & post) messages to MangoApps. All API interactions will be over HTTPS to ensure full data security.

Rate Limit In order to provide a high quality of service for all MangoApps API clients, there exists a request rate limit to ensure no one application can overwhelm the system. Each authenticated user account is limited to 30 API requests in any given 1 minute period, and 300 total requests in any given 1 hour period, starting from the time of login. If your application exceeds this request rate, you will receive an HTTP 509 "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" response code to indicate this condition.

Download MangoApps OpenApi Documentation.

Please send us an email at openapis@mangoapps.com to receive access to the developer sandbox.