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Everything together in one pot. From project management to event planning to idea incubation, MangoSuite pulls together all your employees' great ideas and deadlines and milestones and threaded discussions and brainstorms, and exchanges and uploaded documents and links... and makes everything accessible in real-time alongside simple, social, and smart communication and collaboration options that keep people connected, creating and accomplishing. See how.

Why Go Social?

Why we do what we do?

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Business Focused Social Networking

MangoApps allows you to extend social capabilities in a smart way across every level of your company. It makes a, deep and practical impact on how communication happens in the Enterprise 2.0 and beyond.


Enterprise microblogging is a mode of communication that is becoming as compelling to use behind a firewall as services like Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed on the web. The core concept behind microblogging is short but frequent status messages that can be seen by colleagues who want to know what you are working on.


Messages are short (1000 characters or less) status updates that tell your colleagues what you're doing or what you're thinking. These updates are available in real time to colleagues who are following you and also visible to everyone across your company. These micro-updates give everyone a sense of what their colleagues are doing.

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Many activities in your MangoApps generate feed items. You can think of a feed item like an email message but organized by topic. You can comment on any feed item that is visible to you. When you make a comment, the person who generated the feed is notified. If there are people who are following the originator they will also be notified when you add a comment.

This results in an open and participatory conversation in which others can join.

Message/Feed Filters

Depending on the type of message/feed items you want to see, there are multiple pre-built filters. As an example the Inbox filter shows your relevant view of the communication happening in the company. It has messages/comments from people you follow, projects you are part of and your private communication.

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Instant Messaging

MangoApps provides a seamless integration of real time presence and instant messaging (IM). Just click on the Send IM link below the person's picture and you can instantly initiate a one-on-one chat.

Project Messages/Feeds

Sharing your work with your project members generates a feed that is visible to the team. Project messages allow relevant members to collaborate on a task and see what other project members are working on. Project messages promote openness within the project team which fosters a more engaged and productive team.

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Project Comments

On project team feeds, any of the project members can comment on, provide feedback, and answer a project poll, etc. Comments posted are visible to all project members. Feeds and comments keep the conversation view threaded and are time sorted to help view how the conversation progressed.

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Wall Feeds

Wall feeds are a great way to publicly or privately say something to a colleague. It is like the wall of a person on Facebook except that is accessible to only company employees. All awards, gifts, and birthday wishes sent to a person automatically appear as a public wall message. Public wall messages are visible to any co-worker viewing the profile. A new wall message is pushed in real time and becomes visible to the recipient and their followers.

Poll Message

Polls are messages where the originator is asking you for your opinion from a set of predefined choices. Polls are a great way to solicit opinion from your co-workers on anything that you feel a need to get a vote on.

Acknowledge/Read Receipt

Acknowledge/Read Receipt messaging is a great way to ensure that you, as an originator of the message, have a confirmation that your message has been read by each of its intended recipients. Recipients simply click an Acknowledge It link for the message and an acknowledgment/read receipt will be sent with your name to the message originator.

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Like it, Watch it

If you like a message, express yourself by clicking on Like It. Your Like It preference is visible to anyone viewing the message. Watch it is a great way to prioritize a message and have easier access to it and the comments as the conversation unfolds. When you watch a message it appears under the Watched filter in the dashboard.

File Sharing

MangoApps allow you to collaborate on multiple levels. You can share documents, pictures and files in your instant messaging, group chat, or microblogging windows. A document can be shared with your followers, project members or an individual along with a message, comment or IM.

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Link Sharing

Links can be shared with your followers, project members or an individual over a feed message, comment or IM.

Rich Dashboard

MangoApps provide a rich dashboard with a 360 degree view of office communication. On the dashboard you can find your inbox, all messages, multiple message filters, and access to recent conversations. All of this along with quick access to followers, recent polls, recent ideas and company statistics/reports.

Email Notifications

If you wish to get some or all of your messages over email also, you can specify that in your preferences for email notifications. These preferences become active immediately.


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