Unify Your B2B Customer Journey in One Central Hub!

Discover the power of MangoApps customer hub - your unified platform for customer engagement, training, support, and innovation. Empower your customers with a seamless interface where they can interact, share insights, learn, provide feedback, and build a stronger relationship with your product and your brand.

Best customer success software for onboarding, training, supporting, nurturing and creating community.

Does this sound like you?

Inefficient Customer Support

Rapid, reliable support is crucial for maintaining customer trust and solving issues promptly.

Lack of Personalized Engagement

Personalized interactions are key to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term success.

Inconsistent Customer Training

Absence of a dedicated platform for training often leads to inconsistent training experiences.

Erratic Communication of Product Updates

Clear communication about product updates ensures customers get the most value from a product or service.

Dispersed Customer Ideas & Feedback

Without a centralized system, valuable customer insights may be lost, impeding product and service improvement.

Difficulty Generating Customer Advocacy

Without a centralized approach to customer community building, you may miss out on activating your evangelists.

Strengthen customer bonds with effective onboarding, training, and engagement!

Equip your customers with information & training

Send out targeted updates and newsletters with easy-to-use templates and real-time analytics

Full-featured learning management platform nested inside the app makes it easy to build courses and push them out to your customers

Events Calendar
Manage customer-facing events like product launches and webinars from a centralized calendar they can all see

Power customer collaboration

Enable collaboration in social media-like workspaces where customers can work closely with their support team

Guest Users
Manage members from multiple organizations with ease, including granular permission controls to enable personalized experiences

Knowledge Management
Wikis and searchable collaboration groups create a repository of knowledge that builds on itself over time

Give customers a voice

Idea Management
Collect and vote on ideas from all customers, and create visibility around next steps and actions taken

Questions & Answers
Provide a searchable space for customers to ask questions and get expert answers fast, both from your support team and other customers

Cross-Customer Collaboration
Empower your expert users to swap ideas and show off the work they’re doing on your platform

Boost customer engagement

Product Announcements & Feedback Campaigns
Keep your community updated on product releases while fostering open feedback, enhancing trust and product quality.

Recognize Active Community Members
Acknowledge active contributors, creating a sense of belonging and inspiring more participation.

Oversee Community Engagement
Manage your community effectively with advanced moderation tools, ensuring a spam-free and brand-aligned interaction space.

Deliver awesome CX with the power of our customer hub

Efficient & Scaled Customer Support

Deliver rapid, reliable support to bolster customer trust and swiftly resolve customer issues.

Personalized Customer Relationship

Foster personalized interactions to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term success.

Scaled Customer Training & Success Programs

Build great training experiences so every customer can make the most of your product

Effective Customer Communication

Communicate product updates clearly to help customers extract maximum value from your product or service.

Centralized Feedback, Surveys & Idea Management

Power your product roadmap with customer input by soliciting and tracking their ideas and feedback in one central place.

Vibrant Community & Advocacy

Create and surface passionate brand advocates, and enlist their help to grow your brand and your company