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À la carte MangoApps

Nobody allows you to customize your employee platform like MangoApps does. Get exactly what you need in your employee platform by picking the capabilities you know you want today, and then add more as and when you need them. It has never been so easy to create a customized solution for your company.

Pick the capabilities you need for your project:

Company Communication
Company News and Announcements
Emergency Announcements
Regular Status Report
Team Collaboration and Work Area
Virtual Town Hall Meetings
Host Remote Meetings
Find Employee Experts
IT Help Desk
Leave Requests
Easy To Access HR Content

Information Organization
Share Employee Files and Documents
Joint authoring of documents
Company Calendar
Online Company Employee Directory
Event planning & management
FAQ Pages
Task Management
Digitizing Paper Forms

Knowledge Management
Brand and Marketing Knowledge Base
Brand and Marketing Knowledge Base
Share Industry Best Practices
Share Customer Case Studies
Company Administration
Vendor Knowledge Base
Customer Knowledge Base

Employee Engagement
Employee Rewards and Recognition
Employee Surveys
Communicating Employee Benefits
Employee Feedback Center
Idea Management
Employee Shout Outs

Training & Development
Onboarding Content and Training Resources
Internal Job Boards
Company Knowledge Discovery
Peer Mentoring Program
Leadership Learning Center

Local Interests
Local News and Crisis Management
Cafeteria Menus
Lunch and Other Employee Outings
Local Employee Questions
Coordinate Blood Drives and Other Community Events

Company Culture
Employee Social Center
Employee Marketplace
Office Parties
Potluck, Pizza Fridays and Other Events

Partner Communication
Customer Communication
Trade Shows
Online Leads
Demo Requests
Feature Requests

Access Information On-The-Go
Create Must Read Posts
Job Function Based Use Cases
Product backlog
Milestones and Releases
Incorporating Outside Content
Bugs & Defects Reporting

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