MangoApps vs. Decentralized Tools

Many organizations opt to give their corporate teams an email account, and leave everyone else out. Deskless workers might receive text blasts, or updates via posters and kiosks, or emails to their personal accounts. All of these are poor experiences.
Here are some common problems with decentralized communication tools:

Without a single mechanism to reach the whole company,
you’ll wind up wasting a lot of effort and missing out on key information.

Without a central communication platform, how do you reach your employees? Maybe you blast out emails for the office team, and then have a text blaster or a list of personal email addresses for your deskless workers. Some companies don’t even have that, and rely on word of mouth to reach the front lines, or posters or kiosks in their workspaces.
These approaches leave a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency and effectiveness:
1.You likely have to do a lot of manual work to get your message out, whether that means dispatching people to all your locations with new posters every time there’s an update, or rewriting the same message in a few different formats to capture everybody.
2.You’re lucky if you have any analytics at all with this type of approach, but even if you do, they aren’t centralized. This means that you have no real sense of the reach or effectiveness of your messaging, and it’s impossible to track and improve over time.
3.Sometimes a crisis occurs, and you need to get in touch with certain people very quickly so they can respond. With a system like this, you either have to call them all up individually, or send out a blast and hope for the best. There’s no way to immediately see who has and hasn’t received your message unless you con firm with them independently.


By creating a central communication network that can be accessed from anywhere with any device, you make it far easier to distribute updates to your organization. There’s no duplicated efforts or moving from platform to platform, and you can track how well messages are delivered and received at a high level or on a granular basis.
In crisis situations, we have tools that let you target exactly who you need to reach, get the message to them, and see in real time whether or not they have received it. This can save you from a great deal of confusion and stress, and ensure that your response to any crisis is immediate and effective.

Inevitably, there will be people in your organization
who are left in the dark and feel marginalized.

Ad hoc solutions like text blasts and manual mailing lists don’t scale well, and are likely to be out of date at any given time, as employees come and go or move to different roles around the organization.
Inevitably, some people will slip through the cracks. Even if you have a robust system in place for keeping your list up to date, some frontline workers might not check their texts, or emails might get caught in spam filters on personal addresses.
In any case, ad hoc communication leads to lower delivery rates, and that means that there are people in your organization who don’t know what’s going on and feel left out. This leads to lower employee engagement and satisfaction.


With MangoApps, everyone gets brought into the same communications platform, and our flexibility ensures that they can receive notifications in whatever manner suits them best.
Your employee profiles are always up to date, and our analytics make it easy to identify people and teams who are missing out on key information and take action to bring them into the fold. This means better engagement, more effective teams, and most importantly, a happier, more engaged workforce.

If you’re just pushing out messages, you’re likely missing out
on conversation and ideas from your employees.

Most ad hoc communications are not set up for two-way conversation. You are likely just pushing information out into the void and hoping it lands with your employees. This means that you have no real sense of what your people are thinking or how they are reacting, and you’re missing an opportunity to gain valuable insights and ideas from them.
Without a finger on the pulse, it’s difficult or impossible to refine and improve your messaging over time, and you can’t collect ideas and input from the people on the front lines at scale.


With MangoApps, you have a bevy of engagement tools at your disposal. Employees can respond to the updates you send out, and it’s easy to create surveys and polls. Furthermore, public posts and comment threads foster dialogue among everyone relevant.
Our approach makes everyone in the company more accessible to each other. This creates opportunities for leadership to get messages from across organization, and also for disparate teams who might never have interacted before to engage with and build on each other’s accomplishments.
A culture of visibility and access does wonders for employee engagement and well-being, and MangoApps gives you everything you need to foster these ideas and relationships.

Without a repository of information that everyone can access,
knowledge is likely to be lost and duplicate work will happen in silos.

Decentralized communication tools ensure that your teams will work in silos, and that is especially true when the tools you use are limited to top-down interactions. If you’re sending information to people in individual texts and emails, or via posters, they have no path to finding and connecting with each other.
This results in teams that are unable to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences without being physically present in the same place, and practically ensures duplicated efforts between shifts or locations.


MangoApps brings your people out of the dark, and enables them to find and work with each other. Our visibility-centric approach gives your teams a space where they can all communicate, and other teams can find their work when needed, and give input or build upon it.
Having something like this in place has massive implications for company-wide productivity, engagement, and satisfaction, as people who understand the big picture and know that their work is being recognized will work harder and smarter than those who are left to their own devices.
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