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Feature Mango Basic Mango Essentials Mango Suite
Employee Profile & Graph
Emergency Alerts
Engagement Camapaigns
Company Sites
Departmental Sites
Trackers and Workflows
Posts & Newsletters
Team Messages
News Feed
Project Workspaces
Team CRM
Task Management
Levels & Badges
Instant Messaging & Chat
Private Messages
Idea Management
Rewards & Recognition
Votes & Ballots
Screen Sharing
Video & Screen Recording
Media Library
Mango Notes
Shared To-Do List
Partner Collaboration
Rich Text Pages
Global Search
File Sharing
File & Folder Management
File Synchronization
RSS Reader
Employee Directory
Company Orgchart
Quick Access
Recover deleted content
Office 365 Connector
Learning & Training Management System
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Data Compliance & Retention
Integrations (Built-in)
Universal Login Service Provider
Administration Portal
iOS & Android Apps
Windows & Mac Apps
Branding & Customization
AI Powered Features (e.g. Inline Translation)
Support for all Popular Languages
Content Moderation
Data Loss Prevention Policies

MangoApps Platform and Other Services

Feature Mango Basic Mango Essentials Mango Suite
Web Browser Extensions
Deployment Options
Compliance Cloud
Custom Integrations
Zapier based Integrations
Custom Development Services
Box Connector
CRM Connectors
Schedule Connector
Open APIs
Usage Reports & BI
ROI & Analytics
Email Notifications
Push Notifications
Scalable Platform
Enterprise Security & Certifications
Onboarding & Admin Training
- Included in business and enterprise edition at no extra cost.
- Included in enterprise edition at no extra cost.
- Only available to enterprise edition customers. Additiional fee applies. Contact sales to discuss.
- Required for enterprise edition customers. Optional for business edition customers. One-time fee applies. Contact sales to discuss.
- Detailed description pages describe full capability of the mango platform. Depending on the application, not all those capabilities maybe avaiable or apply.
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