Employee Communication

Common Problems:

count How can you improve the efficiency of your internal communication?

count How can you inform employees about planning and upcoming initiatives without a bulk email?

count How can you enable a secure communication channel between employees, managers, and executives for open feedback?

count How can you extend communication for everyone in the organization beyond daily job-related items?

How MangoApps Solves It:

It develops two-way communication between all levels of the organization to create an environment that encourage input, speed to effective decisions, and increased productivity. MangoApps team collaboration software builds up efficient communication between colleagues, improves communications between different levels of the organization, and becomes the central communication tool for everyone.

  • Status updates inform colleagues and strengthens understanding of our workload.
  • MangoApps allows you to integrate business applications via it's integrations and open APIs. Bring people, conversations, and data from your favorite business apps into MangoApps, making information discoverable, meaningful, and actionable
  • Create tasks from status updates to shorten the time from suggestion to implementation.
  • "Like" Colleague's feeds and comments to show acceptance of their input and raise camaraderie.
  • Refer to feeds by copying the URL of the feed itself and including it in other internal communication.
Communication over feed
Partner/Vendor Communication

Common Problems:

count How can you communicate faster than email with partners, customers, and clients?

count How can you easily and securely share documents with partners, customers, and clients?

count How can MangoApps help build successful relationships with customers?

How MangoApps Solves It:

Gain the trust of your partners, clients, and customers by holding group, project, and event discussions in the activity stream. With MangoApps team collaboration software, groups stay on topics, projects stay on track, and events are planned successfully.

  • Partners can write to the entire group to get threaded -- inline answers from your experts.
  • Instant Messaging is always available between all the group and project members that are online
  • Real-time video conferencing for up to 50 users can be initiated with group and project members.
  • Large file attachments such as documents, videos, and spreadsheets can be conveniently shared between group and project members.
Feed and IM
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